Long Lost Blogger Returns

Long Lost Blogger Returns

Hello!  Wow it has been a while since I’ve last blogged.  As you probably know, I got a new job in a city half way across the country.

The company wanted me to do orientation in July instead of waiting until August so I agreed.  What I didn’t realize is that they would want me to continue to train every single week thereafter.  I’ve been doing a lot of flying back and forth between Philadelphia and Chicago, and I’m feeling stretched thin and overwhelmed.

2015-07-19 21.41.27

That being said, I’m home this week and working from my kitchen.  I need to be back for training on the 10th and the 17th.  Instead of hopping back and forth on a plane, I’m moving in with friends this weekend!  I know, so quick, right?

I think needless to say but my stress levels are through the roof!  Now only is all this travel pretty hard on a person but also the fact that I feel like I’m being ripped away from home.  Maybe it is like a band-aid.  The faster I pull it off, the less it hurts?  I don’t think so but it is what it is.  I am happy to have found a job in a field closely related to my studies.  I just wish I had more than 4 days to pack and move.

Since I’ve spent the last 3 weeks in Chicago, you know I have tons of stuff to talk about!  But no time to compose anything, so expect to see some restaurant recaps and hotel reviews popping up here and there.  I have got some great material!  All those fancy restaurants in downtown Chicago were amazing!

2015-07-24 19.41.18

Also, once I am moved and settled, I hope to find a good routine and get back into my fitness.  I will update you all as soon as I have a plan.  I’m not sure yet if I will be exercising from home or getting a gym membership once I move.  Like I said, I’m moving in with friends (actually my friend’s parents!).  I’ll have to get into a sort of routine with them and how things work there.  I’ll be staying there for a few months while I figure out where I want to live and all that.  Rob is going to move out once I find a place for us and the kitties!

Okay wow, that was a lot of text and lack of pictures for one post.  I just know it has been a while since I said hello!  I promise the next post will be more fun and less functional Winking smile

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  1. Sis’ new job is 90% travel and when she’s home, she’s doing catch-up paperwork. It’s one reason I’m here: to mind her3 VERY uncatlike cats. They don’t do their own thing. They were raised from babies by her when she was home for years. I take care of the house (a lot of work as her soon to be 21 year old acts more like a 5 year old in the house–I’m not trying to be mean but it’s 100% true–of course she CAN do better where a 5 yo can’t…she just doesn’t because that’s how she was raised).

    Anyway! I know it’s hard on Sis and to do this, when you had a totally different lifestyle, you have to have somebody back home ‘holding down the fort.’ It’s a lot of work on me, to be honest. Would be far less with 3 spoilt cats. The 20yo and her live-in fiancé makes my free rent a lot less than you’d think! I can’t force grown kids to behave differently if the actual parent won’t support my decisions, so I have 5 kids to care for. I think that I may prefer the road! 🙂

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