Slushy Run

Why on earth did I see this is my driveway this morning and think “looks like a good day for a run!”??

2015-03-02 09.19.50

I think it was the lure of the 37º showing on my weather app.  I drove 1 town over to see if they had plowed their bike pike like they usually do and all was good!  There were only a few sections with a little slush or water but mostly only near road crossings.

2015-03-02 09.35.402015-03-02 09.35.35

It actually got pretty warm while I was out there but I wasn’t too hot.  The sun felt really nice when it came out the few times.  By the end though, I was happy to rip off my hat and gloves and get a little crisp air on my neck.  Best feeling ever after a run!

IMG_20150302_1023553.13 Miles, 41:35

I felt pretty good out there but I took a few walks breaks and stopped to stretch twice.  I wore my Brooks Pure Grits since they have great traction but they also have a lot of padding.  For me, more padding in my shoes usually means numb balls of the feet and Achilles tightness and today was no different.  I was so excited to see an ice-free curb about 2 miles into my run so I could use it to stretch my legs out!

I still can’t believe how slow I am.  I mean seriously, I ran my first 5K back in 2009 in 37:52.  I guess I’m not that far behind but it is still killing me to accept the slowness.  I guess the overuse injuries really took their toll on me over the years?  It is what it is though and it’s not going to stop me from getting out there.  Complaining about it isn’t going to make me faster either!  Just gotta get keep moving!


5 thoughts on “Slushy Run

    1. It has been insanely cold here in NJ this winter. Anything above 30 is a hot summer day! LoL! I was just happy I had to only wear 1 layer of pants 😛

    1. I wore my trail running sneakers! It isn’t good for the tread to run on concrete in them but it was really helpful when I hit the icy parts!

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