Successful Week

This weekend ended up being busier than I expected, but I made my run happen.  Rob and I were having his parents over for breakfast on Sunday so I made sure to do my third run of the week on Saturday morning.  Do you know what that means?  I didn’t miss a single workout this week, and I exercised 6 days in a row!


I don’t think I’ve ever done that, even back in the day when I exercised regularly.  The downside of this was that by Saturday night, my knees were aching pretty badly.  Rob and I had a wedding and I didn’t even make it to the reception in my heels.  I ended up changing into my flats during the cocktail hour.

2016-02-20 19.22.17

Don’t we look snazzy?  So this week, I decided I would try something a little different.  You see, we run at Bullpen so I guess all that pounding was too much.  Today, I did Week 2 Day 1 of C25K in place of my running at Bullpen (which I would just do haphazardly the past few weeks).  The only trouble will be on days like Wednesday when it is supposed to rain.  I mentioned to the trainer today that I would do my running on my treadmill at home before coming in but he didn’t seem receptive to that idea.  I might have to figure something else out for those days.  Maybe run later in the day?

So this week’s plan is as follows:


This will give me an extra rest day, allow me to get in my running and gym training, plus add a little fun in the way of cross training.  I could do Zumba, Body Combat, Tap Out, ride my bike, anything!  This will be especially nice now that the weather is getting better outside.

So that’s the exercise plan for the week!  This post is long enough so until tomorrow.

Do you include any purely fun things in your weekly workouts?

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