Beauty, Babies, and Rugby

This past weekend was the busiest I’ve had all Fall so far.  I don’t think I ever stopped moving!

Thursday night, I got home early from school and instead of sitting around, I headed over to the rugby field to watch the guys practice and take some pictures (still locked on the camera).  Then I went with them to the bar for a drink and some snacks.  I really just wanted to hang out with Rob.

Friday, I had tons of errands to do and was out of the house all morning and didn’t get home until after 2.  Rob gets home around 3:45 so I didn’t have much time to do all the things I needed done that afternoon either!

Saturday, I joined my friend Callista at a vendor show (it was really a craft show) to man the Arbonne table with her.  I just signed up as an independent consultant with them!  I’m very excited.  I had been looking for a home-show type business for a while now and really like Arbonne, their products, the company, etc.  I’ll talk more about this later as I plan on writing a favorite product post.  I’m having a Facial Party at my house on the 15th too so that will be fun.  It will be my launch party to get me started!


I had to leave the vendor show early though to head over to Rob’s last home rugby game of the season.  Our last game is away this coming weekend.  I will have my Saturdays back!  Of course, no pictures yet.  Still in the camera.  We stayed at the bar until about 7:30 so it was a long day for us!

Sunday, I had to meet a friend in the morning to do some pictures for him for his new business.  I also took some shots at home for his flyers.  He makes hand-crafted cutting boards and wants something to hand out with the boards (care instructions are on the back of the cards).  I think they came out great! 


After that, I had to run home, get changed, and head over to Lauren’s baby shower!  She is having a little boy, due in January.  I didn’t know what to get her and wasn’t excited about anything and couldn’t afford to buy her the cool stuff so I decided a handmade blanket to match her room would be nice.  I planned on making it myself but when I called my sister who does lots of crocheting, she offered to do it.  When she said it would take her only 3 or 4 hours to make, I took her up on that offer as it would take me days!  She did an amazing job!  She even made a little hat with the extra yarn she had.

It matches perfectly!

Then Rob and I watched football at the bar for a bit before heading home and just relaxing for a while.  He managed to do the grocery shopping on his own while I was at the shower but I need to cook some things tonight so I have food for the week.  We’re definitely getting into a better routine!

As you can see, no gym happened.  No homework either (luckily it was a light work week).  I have some ideas to get my fitness in but I don’t want to talk about them just yet!  I never give up though Smile  Well, I think that’s it for now.  I should go and actually get some work done for my project that is due Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Beauty, Babies, and Rugby

  1. Not just lots of fun but I *love* the baby kit!

    I almost texted you a minute ago to see how finals are so far this week. I think it’s your last?

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