FrogFuel Giveaway!

FrogFuel Giveaway!

Before I post about my whirlwind of a weekend (as usual), I need to do a quick post about some samples I received!  FrogFuel sent me some free samples of their protein shots in the mail for the purpose of review and to set up a giveaway!


I got them last week and decided to try them as a post-workout supplement rather than a pre-workout thing.  I figured a protein shot would be good after lifting, right?  It comes in a packet similar to other sports “shots”.  It has a very liquid-y texture to it rather than paste.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fruity flavor.  You guys know that I don’t like artificial sweeteners so that was one downer for me.  I can say that I could barely taste it though.  I ate the whole packet and decided that I would much rather take this protein shot than drink a protein shake post workout!  The fact that it is gluten and lactose free makes me (and my stomach) happy too!

I definitely liked having this little shot to take and think I would approve (for myself) of using it pretty often in place of protein shakes (which I think are horrid). Another great option for this product is for distance running also. Almost all of the running supplements lack any sort of protein. I find that I need at least some protein during a very long run (double digits) so this would be great in addition to my carbohydrate filled shots that I use!

Here is another fun thing they sent me. Watch the video about how they developed their product and play the   game/app. You can take a quiz to find your “Fuel Level” as they call it (basically, I came out as a Jack-of-all-trades and like to do any type of fitness – no surprise!!). There are also 7 workouts there if you want to check them out!!


The giveaway today is for 3 FrogFuel 1oz Protein Shots and an Elite Status FrogFuel Sticker.  We need to limit it to US residents only.  Also, the products can only be shipped to a street address so no P.O. Boxes allowed.

To enter, just leave me a comment telling me how you want to use the FrogFuel (pre workout or post workout?  or just as a protein supplement perhaps?) and use the Rafflecopter app below to count your entry (necessary step and I will check that you commented also).  Once you do that, you can also tweet about the giveaway once per day and follow me on Twitter for extra entries.

The giveaway is open until Wednesday, June 26th at midnight.  I will announce the winner on Thursday morning and contant him/her by email and any other means possible to ensure he/she gets her product.  Also, please note that I need to provide the winner’s address to FrogFuel by June 30th so if I do not hear from the initial winner by Friday at noon, I will pick a new winner.  I will repeat this process each day until a winner responds so please keep an eye on your email, twitter, etc!  Good luck!

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15 thoughts on “FrogFuel Giveaway!

  1. Looks like I might be first… I’d use it during a long run, or right after as a recovery ‘drink’. right now, I tend to reach for water, water and more water.. I might need more than just that after longer runs 😉

    1. That is why I love little shots like this. Easy to eat when you just finished a hard workout. I often don’t feel up to eating after a long run too!

    1. My friend Lily pointed out that collagen protein *could* be derived from whey though it is “lactose free”. Just a thought – wasn’t sure if you were allergic!

  2. I would probably use it post workout or later in the day if my lunch was light on the protein…Good idea for long runs, I currently use AccelGel and have used Accelerade which both have protein and carbs….but more protein would be good!

    1. Exactly! I said “almost all” hehe, I knew Accel products had protein! I never tried them though

  3. It seems like most supplements (quick google search) that use hydrolyzed collagen derive it from whey. Good to keep in mind.

    1. Thanks Lily! Good to know! I didn’t have my allergic reaction to this though like I do with whey protein shakes so that is another plus know knowing it *could* be from whey.

      1. Fair to reckon this ‘pre-digested’ idea may take care of that issue, too. It just needs to be elimination tested to be sure and that’s GOLDEN but takes a month ;p

    1. How is that going for you?? I started it months ago but got deathly sick and had to stop. I never started up again. Was thinking about going the heavy lifting route for a bit!

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