Ireland Part 5: Tidbits

Now that told you everything we did on the trip, I can talk about how I felt about the trip and other little things we noticed along the way.

Ireland is totally different (expected) but I love it.  Some things were just a little strange.   Since you don’t tip in Ireland, you really don’t get the best service.  Most of the restaurants we went to, you sat yourself so it was just a free for all when it was busy.  Then, you might get a server sooner or later.  You might have to go to the bar to get your drinks or maybe your server will get them.  And after you order, it might take forever for your food to come out.

P2267712 (800x600)

(Rob waiting for our food after the hike)

The first night, we discovered this in a crowded bar.  We waited for over 20 minutes for drinks so I ended up getting them at the bar.  Then the waitress saw we had drinks so she didn’t stop at the table even though we told her we wanted to get food.  I guess she thought another server had gotten us?  Then we ordered from a passing bartender when she noticed we looked like we wanted to order.  Finally, we ended up with a third waitress at the end!  2 hours later…  I guess it is just part of the relaxed lifestyle there?

DSCN6326 (600x800)And the free for all theme continues.  Did you know you could park on the sidewalk?  We almost got run over when walking down the sidewalk when a car pulled right up and part.  WTF?!

We also noticed that they never finished grouting the tiles in the train station.  It was like they just stopped mid project.  Also, the taxi driver pointed out this one building that they built backwards in the 1800s.  It was supposed to face the river!

DSCN6339 (600x800)And just to add to the craziness, we saw this “dog” in the middle of the city.  Rob stopped me and said “oh you want that kind of dog that looks like a fox”.  I had to point out that it was a fox.  It was just hanging out in the middle of the city in a patio area for an apartment building!

Walking is also a free for all.  There is no yield right or left.  Just walk wherever.  Run if you have to (saw lots of people in suits running).  We also saw a woman chase down another women who stole her purse (she got it back!).  And a man whose hand was bleeding like crazy with the sidewalk all washed down by the police.  It was just insanity the whole time!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeriously though, I loved it all!  I want to move!!!  The best part?  The COFFEE!  You guys might know by now that I have a coffee problem.  And it is SO AMAZING over there.  There is a coffee shop like every 3 stores or so.  We stopped a lot at the Fixx Coffeehouse on Dawson Street.  We got a different pattern in Rob’s mocha each time.  Ha!  Also, I love scones so of course I ordered them a lot.  The butter there was more like cheese, it was so delicious!  Why can’t we have butter like that here?? (It probably isn’t pasteurized like here!)


That isn’t even all of the drinks we had!  Haha!  Also, we kept forgetting your had to stir your mochas there because they just put the chocolate on the bottom.  At the Fixx, the woman in front of us asked in the chocolate was ready yet for the mochas too!   I wonder how they make it??  All I know is that it was delicious and way better than anything in the US!  I want to go back just for coffee.  I actually drank just espresso or Americanos the whole time.  It was so good, I could have it black!!

And the food?  Even better.  It was a little fru-fru in that everything had sauces or spices on it.  Rob is a very plain eater so it was hard for him.  But everything was super healthy.  Rob even tried Thai food for the first time!  We saw a take out place called Yum Thai and he wanted to try it because he wanted to eat out of the take away box.  He really enjoyed it and now said he would go out to eat Thai with me if I really wanted to when we’re home!

DSCN6317 (600x800)DSCN6351 (600x800)

We ended up eating there twice too because it was cheap at 5.50 euro.  Oh and the money?  Well, we stayed in budget but it really hurt when we trained in $400 and got back 292 euro!  Ouch!  And some places were very expensive but I didn’t think it was too bad.  Usually about 4 euro for a beer and restaurant we ate at were around 15 euro or so per person.  There were more expensive restaurants but we tried to stay cheap.  We aren’t big on souvenirs so we didn’t worry much about other spending money.

So I think that is pretty much it.  Loved the food, loved the Guinness, loved the atmosphere, loved the place in general.  Can’t wait to go back!!!


5 thoughts on “Ireland Part 5: Tidbits

  1. Happy you enjoyed your trip to my Motherland! 🙂

    Barmaids don’t take orders at tables. In the UK and Republic of Ireland, you go the bar, pick up your drinks and sit down. Sitting at the bar is a more “public” gesture (you’re open to the craic) while sitting at a table is body language for wanting a bit of privacy–not that you’ll necessarily get it. I never did! (which made me happy enough)

    I’ve never stayed in Dublin. I don’t imagine the big city would be *that* much different socially but could be.

    1. Interesting! But when we sat down, we had told a waitress we wanted to order which is why we found it so odd. It was pretty hectic in there too. It turned out well though!

    1. Ha! I said the same thing! He was really excited about eating out of little boxes and sitting on a street bench. It was more fascination. He lucked out that Pad Thai tastes pretty good!

  2. Sounds and looks like you had a fantastic time!!! I can’t wait to do Europe someday! (We keep saying we’re going to do a Europe tour for C’s graduation. . . only 5 more years!!)

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