Summer Running Needs

Summer Running Needs

Last winter I wrote about your Cold Weather Running Needs and you Night Time Running Needs.  Seeing as it is the first day of summer, I figured I would continue with the series!

Lightweight Clothing
Nike-Pro-Core-Compression-2.5-Womens-Shorts-458653_617_AObviously in the summer, you want some nice light clothing.  Shorts, tank tops, the works.  But if you are anything like me, there is no way you can go out running around in short shorts (hello thighs!).  My one tip in this section is to start investing in sports/performance body-glideunderwear.  I buy the long in-seam ones and viola! I can wear running shorts!  Finally, my knees are free of those capris!  (Hey that rhymes, lol)  You could also try using body glide which is made to help prevent chaffing but I don’t particularly like it.  It’s another option though!

Otherwise, just stick to light, breathable fabric that is also sweat wicking (including your socks!  No cotton Wigwams there!).  It is critical in keeping you cool on those super hot, humid days.

Sun Protection
There are three things here that you’ll need.  A running hat, sunglasses, and a good sunscreen.  By getting a light color, ventilated running hat, your head will actually stay cooler than without it.  It will also help shield your eyes and face, avoiding UV exposure.  Sunglasses will help keep you from squinting also and protect your eyes again from UV rays.  The sunscreen is critical since you’ll probably be running in daylight quite often with the extra long days.  Get some that is made for sports or water proof because when it runs in your eyes, you won’t be happy!  And maybe throw in a chap-stick with SPF just for good measure.


Hydration Supplies
Finally, I highly recommend some way to carry your water with you for those long runs.  Even “short” runs can be dangerous in high temperatures.  I have 3 different items, 2 water belts and a hand held water bottle for shorter runs.  You can even buy a camelback which is like a bookbag for liquids.  I actually find that my Nathan 4 bottle water belt sits the best on my hips.  Its actually quite comfy!  So find something that works for you, that you feel comfortable running with, and use it.   You can’t always depend on a public supply!  And don’t forget to add some sports beverages to your fuel belt.  Not only are you sweating out water but precious electrolytes too!


So I guess there really isn’t that much you need during the summer for running.  Its just so hot, you won’t want to lug around or wear too much!  But there you have it, the things that I feel are essential.  Happy summer running!

3 thoughts on “Summer Running Needs

  1. great suggestions! I will definitely need ALL ofthese. I get dehydrated very quickly. Butno shorts for me, at least not yet

    1. I run in a skirt. It has the shorts under it (though I still use body glide to avoid chaffing..) I also like that I don’t the “ride up” like I do from shorts when one side rides up my thigh into my crotch! LOVE my running skirts. I’ve gotten them from both Target and Kohl’s. Cooler than capris! Check them out!

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