2012 Goals Progress

2012 Goals Progress

Seeing as we are now more than half way through the year, I guess I should think about what my goals were for the year and see how they are going.  A lot of people have been doing this in blogs and I’ve just been dragging my feet!  First off, my 2012 Goals:

1.  Run 300 Miles
So far this year, Garmin tells me I’ve run 119.5 miles!  That is great!  But we’re more than half way through the year and that is less than half way to my goal.  I fell behind during Insanity but I think marathon training will help me get closer to my goal as the year goes on!

2.  Lose 5% Body Fat
Even though I did Insanity, I didn’t lose any body fat.  I believe I am still hanging around the 30% mark but I haven’t measured it in a while because it was frustrating always seeing the same number.  I am pretty positive it hasn’t changed in the last month.

3.  Run a Marathon
I am working on this one!  The one planned for March was a flop when I kept getting injured and then finding out there was a 5.5 hour time limit.  Attempt #2 is schedule for October and now that Rob is registered (!!!) there is not turning back!  The 7 hour time limit helps too 🙂

4.  Do a Fun Run
Done!!  As of this weekend, I have completed a Mud Run.  I definitely need to schedule several of these for next year! 

5.  Do 5 Pull Ups
I still can’t do a single pull up… BUT I am on my way!  I have found that my upper body strength really did increase after doing Insanity.  I am closer to this goal than I was in January.  Still a long way to go though! 

The key to goals is not just making them but knowing what steps you need to take to achieve them.  Marathon training is cracking away at #1 and #3 for me.  Now I need to think about how I can achieve #2 and #5.  I have an idea and am making a plan that will hopefully start on Monday.  I just need to smooth out the details and I’ll be ready!

Have you gotten closer to any of your goals this year?

5 thoughts on “2012 Goals Progress

  1. I think pull-ups are a goal for a lot of women. Why is our upper body strength always so lacking? (Only good thing – I used to think it was just me because I was so horribly out of shape. *lol* Now I know a lot of women get that “look” when someone says the words “pull up” (unless they’re talking about the garments for kids…which leads to a whole different look…).) Are you setting August goals? I thought I wasn’t, but I think I have a few rolling around in my head already. Just have to do it with little to no pressure put on myself by…myself.

    Can’t wait to see big fat check marks next to all your goals!! 😉

    1. It doesn’t help that Rob is a machine and makes pull ups look easy too! LoL.

      I’m not really planning on goals. Just the usual “eat mostly Paleo, drink water, workout” but I need more detail for the “workout” part which is what I’m devising now. I need something super structured or else I slack off so I guess my goal will be “stick to the plan”. LoL! Maybe that can be my theme for the month??

  2. Pull ups are enticing but after ganking my shoulder ($5000 of copays will make one leary) trying to do the 100 pushups challenge (got to 64!), I think I’ll be happy with rocking some pull downs! It’s a great thing if your body recovers, which most peoples’ do!

    The body fat thing is annoying because there’s only so much adding lean mass will do: it’s what you eat. How many times have you heard fitness models talk about having the abs but in order to SHOW them, they had to walk (away from the kitchen). Eating is my favorite activity–sad but still true. I’m working on retooling my brain on that.

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