Christmas 2015

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays.  Rob and I worked hard to get ready for Christmas this year.  We host our entire family for breakfast so that could add up to a lot of people!  Not everyone can always make it up but this year, we ended up with 20 adults and 4 children.

Wednesday night, my sister and mom came over to help me bake cookies.  We tried this thing called the Chocolate Pen which was kind of fun.  It was a little difficult though because the opening was too big to “draw” with it so everyhing looked globby.  We ended up just using ziplock bags with the corners cut, in the end.  They still look cute!

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Rob and I spent all of Christmas Even cleaning, decorating, and prepping.  The house looks so cute!


We were even able to put up a third extra table which worked out great.  Since it was so warm outside, we set up our bar on the back porch (it’s winterized) and put our Nintendo out there for some entertainment.


All of the family seemed to have a good time.  It was almost an even split between my family and Rob’s.


For the first time in a long time, all of my siblings and I were in the same room together!  My sister lives in South Carolina so it doesn’t always happen.  DSC_1251

After breakfast, we hung out at the house for a bit.  Rob and my sister Michele (right), played video games on the Nintendo while I took a nap.  Then it was dinner at Rob’s sister’s house.  I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t really take pictures and we ended up leaving earlier than past years.  Overall, a great Christmas!

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