Classmate Workout & Weight-Loss Strategy

Happy Monday!  Good news, I made it to the gym this morning!  It was hard waking up but I managed and actually got there a tad early.  Jose (the owner, coach?) wasn’t in so we had to make up our own class today.  There are a few people who have been going for years so they took it over.  Today’s workout:

  • 1 mile run
  • 5 reps each with kettlebell, repeat for 40 yards:
  • – Alternating kettlebell swings
  • – Overhead Presses
  • – Goblet Squats
  • – Walking Lunges (5 yards)
  • 5x 40 yard Bear Crawls
  • Repeat 5x with partner:
  • – 10lb Ball Slams (while partner does sled push and pushups)
  • – 40 yard Sled Push
  • – 10 pushups
  • Repeat 5 times:
  • – 10 yard sprint
  • – 5 yard Back Peddle
  • – Burpee to sprint 15 yards
  • – Jog back 20 yards
  • Repeat 5 times:
  • – 40 Yard jog
  • – 10 Jump Squats
  • 5 sets of 30 second Planks (I added this on myself)

I was actually dying worse than normal because I didn’t get a break.  I fall behind and normally I get a breather but they just kept pushing and I couldn’t catch my breath.  Literally, I needed to just rest for a minute to get my breathing and heart rate down but they kept pushing me to go.  I know they are just trying to be encouraging but I was feeling a little frustrated.  Normally, I get a little break between sets, reps, etc but not today!  But I got a good workout in and can go on with my day!


I took progress pictures yesterday for future comparison.  I’m not going to share them here just yet.  Maybe when I have after photos.  I have been thinking about my goals lately and how I plan on getting in shape and losing weight.  I have 3 main tasks to get me there:

1.  Gym 3 times per week

I would love to say “exercise 6 times per week!” but I am being realistic right now.  I usually hurt too bad the day after BullPen so I am just shooting for 3 times per week at the gym.  Once I am ready, I can start adding workouts in between those.

2.  Eat a (Mostly) Paleo Diet

If you have been around a while, you know that I am a huge fan of the Paleo Diet for the health benefits to the whole body.  I have a lot of digestion problems and food reactions (brain fog also).  I really need to be more careful about what I eat.  I have been having a bad episode lately where food instantly causes pain.  That is no way to live and I know to fix it, I should be cutting out those certain foods that cause it.

3.  Drink More Water

This is a no brainer I think.  Dehydration makes me cranky, tired, lethargic.  Solution?  Drink more water.  Duh.  So that is something I have been trying to work on!

So that is all I am doing for now.  It is nice to be less stressed now since the holidays are over, the house is clean, I have a good daily routine happening.  Everything just feels in its place and put together right now.  That makes me feel way better than I was at the beginning of the month!  Now that it is all over though, and I’m no longer sick, I need to get back to job hunting.  It is so very frustrating, as I live in an area no made for scientists.  Should we move?  How far?  I could find jobs that don’t fit what I really want to do “but it’s a job”.  Sigh.  Whatever happened to follow your dreams, right?

Well, on a happier note, its almost 2016!  I am going to work on my goals for next year!

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