Cold Weather Running Needs

Cold Weather Running Needs

It’s that time of the year!  On Monday, it was like 68 degrees outside.  Today, it is 30.  I’ve already done a blog on Night Time Running Gear so why not Cold Gear?!  I’ll start at the head and work my way down.  LoL.

(To look at any products, just click on the picture and it will take you to a website where I found it for sale.  Shop around if you like, I’m not promoting any of these sites, its just what Google gave me!)

Running Cap
This is the exact running cap I have!  I think everyone knows that you lose most of your heat via your head (probably because its the only part of your body not covered by clothing).  It is important to keep that puppy warm when the temperatures drop.  It is also a good idea to make sure it covers your eats to keep those toasty too.  No frost bite here!  If a hat is too much for you, consider getting a headband instead.  Something for those “inbetween” temperatures.







Torso Warmth
Obviously you need something to keep the main core of your body nice and warm.  I am a HUGE fan of UnderArmor’s Cold Gear.  I know other brands make similar stuff but it doesn’t ever seem as good.  For really cold temps, I will layer 2 gold gear shirts AND a nice fleece lined running jacket.  And for the cold, it is all about layering.  That way, if you dressed too warm, you can take one layer off, you are stuck sweating your bum off in that think down jacket you wore!

It is also a good idea to wear at least 1 mock turtle neck and one half or full zip shirt.  That way, if you are getting a little warm, you can at least unzip the outer layer a bit and get some relief.  Then when the winter wind kicks up, you can zip it back up again!  Oh and those shirts with the little thumb holes?  BRILLIANT!  You need to own one if you are doing any outdoor activities this winter!

(Anyone want to get this for me??  Christmas is coming up!!!  LoL)

Unless your name is Lauren, your hands are going to get cold!  My fingers are always frozen!  At first, I started off with a pair of thin Nike running gloves (with convenient key slot in the palm!).  These are great until the temperatures drop below freezing.  Then I needed something more substantial.  Also, have a touch screen phone or I-Touch?  Good luck while wearing gloves!  They make nifty running gloves with little pieces of metal in the index finger tip so you can still operate your touch screen!

Another alternative to gloves is mittens!  Yes, mittens!  I just got a pair and can’t wait to use them.  they have a flap that goes over your fingers so if your hands start to get warm, you just flip it off and you don’t have to carry your gloves!  You could also layer these over a second pair of gloves for those really cold days!

Running Pants
Yes, you need proper running pants.  Embrace the tights, because they will keep you warm all winter long.  I have a couple pairs of Nike running pants that flair slightly and while they aren’t as embarrassing as tights, they are also not nearly as warm.  They let little drafts in around the ankles (and snow sometimes too) which is no fun.  They are handy though if I ever decide to run when its so cold out that I need 2 layers of pants.  Until then, these are for the inbetween temps again.  I did find an awesome pair of running tights at UnderArmor that are nice and high around the waist (don’t want any plumbers crack which can be a problem with low cut tights + big booty) and have rubber inside the pants around the ankles to keep the pants from riding up (agian, cold snowy ankles = no fun).  Try on some different pairs to make sure they are long enough for your legs and invest in a decent pair.  They are well worth it!

I don’t know exactly why we need compression socks (blog for another day?).  All I know is that they don’t move.  You don’t get that clump of sock around your toe that leads to a blister.  They feel nice and tight around your arch and are just lovely.  Get a couple pairs.  And for winter?  Get some thick SWEAT WICKING pairs.  No cotton here please!  Unless you want blisters and other icky things.  You could invest in fancy expensive ones but I find the Adidas sports socks that I buy at Famous Footwear work pretty well.  I also buy the higher profile ones so that my ankles are nice and warm and I hate losing my sock to my shoe!  Find a pair that works and stock up!

Deciding What to Wear
Then there is always the problem of deciding when it is cold enough.  I found that at 26 degrees out, I was ok in a cold gear shirt, a half zip cold gear pullover, one layer of pants, and a headband.  My gloves were a little thin on that run.  Lauren on the other hand could chuck the gloves and could do with probably one layer for the top.  Everyone is different!  Luckily, Runner’s World knows this and made a really cool app for their website.  I especially like that they ask you how warm you like to be (for me, its WARM, lol).  I use this all the time because I can never seem to remember what I should wear for what temperature.  Very useful tool!  (Just click on the picture to take you to the website.)

So that’s all I’ve got for now on Winter/Cold weather running.  Anything you have questions about that I might be able to help with?  (Or do research on and blog about later!)  There are many more options I didn’t talk about like full face covers for warmth (doesn’t get nearly that cold here and if it does, I’m on a treadmill baby!)  Also, have you heard of YakTrax Pro?  Basically springs that you strap to your shoe for traction in snow/ice.  There is another brand but I can’t seem to find it on Google.  I found some options on REI so check those out!

Well, I guess Fall is officially over and its time to bundle up!

5 thoughts on “Cold Weather Running Needs

  1. Can’t wait to REALLY read this and digest! I ran this am it was about 28 at 4:30…I was dressed perfect (except, I pulled out the BIG GUNS gloves, didn’t really need them…took them off and threw them on the driveway half way through the run)

  2. Check, check and check. haha We have a few under armour but we prefer the nike for me and Adidas for the husband. These seems to fit a bit better than the under armour, especially me since I’m short. I agree, it’s so important to get some good heat gear, sweat wicking clothes if you are going to be running outside. Sometimes I wear a few layers of them when it’s really cold. haha As a suggestion, I love the knit hats that have ear flaps. They really save the ears from getting infections due to the cold weather. I love mine (I have two). Mine is spyder I think is the brand? Highly suggested!

  3. love this post! I went running this weekend in chicago in 40 degree weather and actually got hot! (yep. there girl who is ALWAYS freezing haha)
    I dont think I will be getting the tracks that go on your shoes. I can’t WALK, let alone run in snow and ice haha

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