Local Eats: Diamond Diner

We live in NJ, home of the 24 hour diner (or just diners in general really).  This one we would frequent in high school.  It was our go-to place.  Then, the food got really bad and we stopped going for a while.  One day, I went with coworkers for someone’s birthday.  Well, the food was totally different!  It turned out they had new owners which along came a new head chef and a remodel too!  The food is really good and fresh now and they have a nice little sports bar area if we ever want to just go relax with a glass of wine (have yet to do this but I promise we will one day, lol).

We decided to head over for breakfast and treat my dad.  I haven’t been feeling well so I tried to eat somewhat healthy and clean.  The eggs are always a little oily for me but better than most places.  I started with scrambled egg whites.

Also, a little strange thing I just found out recently is that you can ask for tomato slices in place of the home fried potatoes so I got those instead.

I got the combo that came with oatmeal and toast (dry, used a little jelly too)

I thought Rob was too funny.  We got the waffle and in each little hole, he put a little butter and filled it with syrup.

We really enjoy going to this diner now.  We were going so much, the owner got to know us.  When we went after a long gap, he pointed it out and told us that he had seen us running by his house one day.  LoL!  I definitely would recommend this now.  It is still a diner so no 5 start restaurant expectations but it definitely is good eats for just regular dinner food.  Also, they are (still) running a deal since they renewed their image.  $10.99 for soup or salad, entree, and dessert.  SO much food!  Oh, and their half of a roasted chicken is awesome.  And they don’t put butter on their fresh steamed veggies.  Ok, I can’t say enough good things! Like I said, still a diner, but delicious home cooking type food 🙂

Diamond Diner 
6711 Washington Ave 
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
(609) 646-6656

I think its time for a classier place for my blog here.  Maybe Rob and I will save a bit and splurge on a really nice restaurant soon!

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