Local Eats: Romanelli’s On the Greene

In case you haven’t noticed, we really like to eat out for breakfast.  LoL.  Today, we really didn’t want to hit the usual locations, so we had to think of something new.  I mentioned that I saw a place by my doctor’s office but wasn’t sure it was any good.  We figured why not?

First off, it was VERY busy!  But they had plenty of tables when we got there.  When we left, there was an actual wait!  You usually don’t see that at breakfast places!  Second, look at that huge cup of coffee!  They know the way to my heart already (but at $1.99 for coffee, they better give me a huge cup too.  Hm)

Rob and I both ordered things off the specials menu.  He got the frosted flake french toast and I got the apple cinnamon pancakes.  I thought the apples would be baked in but they came on top.  That is fine too.  Rob’s had lots of fruit piled on top.

 Both were very delicious!  I was happy with mine and the pancakes soaked up the sauce they put the apples in (cinnamon and sugar type sauce).  The apples were fresh and not baked (i.e. still crunchy).  Everything was very good and I’m sure we’ll go back!  Total, our bill was about $22.  Quite a bit more than most other places we go but we have to remember we both got the specials which may have been a bit more.  Then again, $2 for coffee was a little much.  Maybe this will be a treat and not every weekend?  Still good though!!

Romanelli’s On the Greene
210 New Road # 13
Linwood, NJ 08221
(609) 926-5477

2 thoughts on “Local Eats: Romanelli’s On the Greene

  1. The fresh fruit looks awesome! Hope it was REALLY good coffee, too…not just a big cup, but a yummy brew…that's the key for me…if the coffee isn't good….well…the rest can be suspect!

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