Moving Day!

Moving Day!

Monday was the big day!  I picked up the keys to my new apartment at school.  Rob took off the few days he had work this week in order to help me move some things down.  We really didn’t have much to take down yet but we would have to buy stuff once we got there.  Since my sister was upset last time that I didn’t take pictures of the place, I made sure to take lots this time but they are pretty boring!  Empty rooms generally are 🙂  So here’s the tour!

Click Here to open in Windows Media Player: Apartment

As you can see, I picked up some things at TJ Maxx (love that store!) to make it feel homey. I will be there most days of the week so I don’t want to be all sad that not only am I away from Rob but I’m in a blah apartment. I have to at least feel at home! Love how its all very girlie too? Rob won’t be there most of the time so I can be as girlie as I want! I even got some purple stuff for the kitchen. Haha! I don’t really need much else for the place. Just some furniture for the living room and that’s really it! So a pretty good first couple of days for moving!

Health and Fitness
Healthy and Fitness the last two days? Not so much. I packed running clothes (capris and tshirt) and woke up to a freezing downpour on Tuesday (and Wednesday). That and I didn’t have the code for the development’s fitness room yet. Oops. Soooo, no runs. My eating was a little wacky. All eating out so it was hard to keep track. Tomorrow, I don’t know what we are doing yet for the Day-of-the-Pigout, I mean Thanksgiving. We have a 5K in the morning first so that will start the day off right! I don’t plan on going crazy for foods though. There is nothing I “have to have” for the holiday.

I hope you all have a great holiday tomorrow and get to spend lots of relaxing time with the families!

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