Plans for the Week

Plans for the Week

Good morning!  I stayed up way too late last night!  Ugh, it was so hard getting up this morning.  Anyway, I am excited to move into the apartment today!  My car is all loaded up with boxes.  Rob is definitely coming down with me.  I didn’t get any homework done all weekend though so tonight and tomorrow will be busy with that.  Bummer.

I packed a gym bag full of running stuff so that I can at least get some miles in tomorrow and Wednesday.  That will be good too because Rob will be with me while we explore the area for running routes.  I will feel much safer with him around!

I think lately I haven’t been keeping track of my goals for the month because they don’t take into account the craziness of my schedule.  Then again, I should be able to track my food every day yet I don’t.  So for the rest of the month, how about I try just thinking a few days at a time?  So here are my plans for the next few days:

1.  Track all my food
2.  Drink 8 glasses of water
3.  Finish my Quantum homework

1.  Track all my food
2.  Drink 8 glasses of water
3.  Run a few miles
4.  Finish my Math Methods homework and attempt each Optics problem

1.  Run a few miles before class
2.  Drink 8 glasses of water
3.  Finish Optics homework (needs to be turned in)

Thursday (Thanksgiving)
1.  Run my 5K!
2.  Drink lots of water
3.  Only eat my favorites and don’t stuff myself silly

That is as far as I will go because I can’t think any further into my week.  Its just too much to worry about then and I will forget by then anyway!  I feel like I need an accountability buddy but that never works online for me.  I need someone standing on the park corner waiting to join me for a run.  Haha.  I will figure a schedule out.  Notice my lack of mentioning a run this weekend?  Now is not the time to take it easy!  Ugh.  I WILL DO THIS!!!

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