New Work Gym, Ultimate Convenience

New Work Gym, Ultimate Convenience

Today was essentially Day 1 of my 90 day goals and I wasn’t about to skimp out.  I joined my work gym!  It is right in the basement level of my office building so I have no excuse to skip a workout.

2015-08-31 16.45.36There is a weight area to the left also.

It is a very small gym, since only tenants of the office building can join.  I was 1 of 2 people working out at 4PM!  The manager said it was the busiest at lunch time, with about 15-20 people in the gym exercising.  For the size of the gym, I would say that 15-20 people would be “full”, but half those people probably take the class offered at lunch.

That’s right, they also have a small schedule of classes!  The exercise room is pretty large and free to be used when there isn’t a class happening.

2015-08-31 16.45.49

The bonus of joining in August was that the sign up fee was waved and it came with 6 months free of permanent locker and laundry service!  I can just loop my clothes around a clip with my locker number on it, throw it in the laundry bin, and it magically shows up in my locker the next day!  I’m not sure how I feel about this yet but I’m really considering trying it out.

2015-08-31 16.58.43

To get my workouts started, I just did some easy running intervals on the treadmill for about 15 minutes, plus a 5 minute walking warm up and 5 minute cool down.  Then I did a little strength training with the weights in the exercise room.  I felt pretty weak with what I did but have to remember I am starting over from the beginning and am now where near where I was before.

2015-08-31 16.46.44

I also noticed they have a huge rack of kettlebells in the exercise room so I might use those in my workouts too.

The locker room was nice, clean, and airy.  It will come in handy on the days I go in to exercise before work, which will be most work days.

2015-08-31 16.59.012015-08-31 16.59.072015-08-31 16.58.46

Tomorrow, I start early and work late so I can’t hit the gym but I will be back there on Wednesday, ready to go!  This week, I am just taking it easy but I will find a more solid plan soon.  I am excited to have a dedicated place to destress!

Would you try the laundry service? 

The thought of my clothes being mixed in with some really sweaty, gross dude’s clothes is what freaks me out!  Even if they are going to wash it…

2 thoughts on “New Work Gym, Ultimate Convenience

  1. Oh you have to try out that service- just to make us all jealous! Sounds absolutely marvelous to me! Our laundry seems like 90% workout clothes and 10% everyday clothes. Having someone else do the work for me would be terrific! 🙂 I too have that creeped out feeling though with my exercise clothes going in with others… but then again it’s just like the dry-cleaners that does the same thing. Congrats on starting your new routine! Have you checked out pinterest for workouts? I am loving an ab workout on my “for the gym” board if you are interested. It involves a medicine ball but you can also use free weights. Warning though, you might cry at the end… or was that just me… oops.

    1. Yes I will check out that board! Its funny, my friend Kristen reminded me that I pinned my own workout a while back and I should just do that. That has been the plan but I haven’t been able to make it to the gym 🙁

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