30-By-30 Week 11

30-By-30 Week 11


This week was pretty much a wash so I’m not going to do my usual update.  It started with that bought of food poisoning.  Then I basically spent the rest of the week trying to recover and catch up on my school work.  I did manage to hit the gym on Thursday for a Zumba class since I was feeling better.  Now, I feel like I’m coming down with the cold my husband has (or allergies?). 

This week, the plan is to just be healthy.  School is extra-stressful right now so I want to just take the pressure off.  I want to eat healthy, feel satisfied, have enough energy to work, maybe hit the gym or go for a run on nice days.  Sounds easy enough right? 

Rob and I decided to nix the Super Shred Diet but not completely.  There were some nice things that we really liked and other things that just didn’t work for us.

Things I Liked:

  • Small, portioned meals
  • Lots of veggies
  • Liquid meals (soups, smoothies, or protein shakes)
  • A salad every day

Things I Disliked:

  • Strict meal times
  • Too frequent meals (didn’t work in our hectic schedules)
  • Too much emphasis on carbs (even liquid carbs like juice)
  • Lack of protein and fat

It was fun to try the first week (and then we stopped because I was sick) and I’m bummed we didn’t get to try the other weeks.  I will take what I liked from Week 1 and use it this week.  Maybe next week, I can look over Week 2 of the diet and see if I can incorporate it into my schedule again.  Perhaps I can just do this for the whole 4 weeks?  It was just too much trying to follow it exactly.  I think if you have a calmer, normal routine, it would be easier to follow.

As for fitness, the plan is to just move.  If I get sick, the walking on campus will probably be exhausting enough.  If I manage to fend this thing off, I plan on starting some running again to get back into it and do whatever sounds good at the gym.  No plans, no pressure, just get anything in!

Do you eat frequent, small meals or larger meals?

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