5 Years and Counting

Did you know it has been 5 years since I started getting healthy?!  A few months after getting married, I had had enough and started attempting to eat right and exercising.  I originally started working out at home with a game on my Wii but I eventually started running and ran my first 5K in September 2009!


I seriously can’t believe it has been so long that I’ve been doing this!  Since I haven’t had a race lined up in a while, I’m starting to think about my Fall schedule.  Maybe a half marathon?  Will I be up for it after taking so much time off from running?  My foot has been relatively good and only acts up when I wear bad shoes.  This coming month is supposed to be perfect spring weather so the plan is to start fresh with some easy intervals and runs, and see how it goes.


This is of course, if I have the time and energy for running.  This week is pretty hectic and next week is going to be even crazier.  The problem with training to run is that you need to be more consistent than a weekend warrior.  That is where I struggle right now – the only time I have is often the weekends.  Squeezing in the extra runs during the week will be a challenge, let alone getting the weekend runs in too!  Here is a preliminary if-everything-goes-perfect plan for this week:


IMG_20140322_125730Speaking of exercise, my sinuses are almost all cleared up!  This means I can start exercising again!  After a very dusty rugby game on Saturday that made everything flair up, it all seemed to calm down and clear out over night.  I stopped taking my meds and am down to only my daily vitamins.  I typically only get it once per season (most likely allergies) so let’s hope we’re done until the fall.

By the way, did you noticed I put walking in my schedule on my school days?  I have to learn to accept that I can’t do more than what I already do on those days – that often includes a lot of walking.  As long as it is nice out, I can easily get 10,000 steps (if it is bad outside, I take the bus).  While it is good exercise and keeps me healthy, it doesn’t help me lose weight though.  It annoys me but I can’t do any more that I already do, so it is what it is!

Now, I must be off to continue my long day today.  I had to be on the 9:12 AM train to arrive early for my 1 PM class.  I won’t get back to my house until about 8:30 tonight.  Now, time to study – I have a midterm on Thursday!

How long have you been keeping a healthy lifestyle?

I always liked fitness in high school but things got off track in college where I gained more than my share of the freshman 15!  After getting married, instead of getting lazy and heavier like people joked I would, I decided to get fit and healthy!

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  1. it is so interesting to see what 5 years can bring! I can’t believe it has been that long! Here is to many many more years of healthy living 🙂

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