Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Angela. I am a scientist, wife, cat-mom, and fitness enthusiast. This page is my personal blog, and you will find a range of topics, centered around healthy living. Why “The Chicken Scoop”?  Well, when I started this blog, we had just gotten a small flock of chickens and the name just stuck!  I hope you enjoy your visit!

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Back in New Jersey

Hello!  It’s been a while!

Well, the good news is that is going to change for a while.  You see, I was running myself ragged at the new job.  I had zero free time and zero energy.  It became mutually evident though that it was time to part ways and I’m back home in New Jersey.  I am always sad when something doesn’t work out but I am happy to be back home and to have a life back.

I did enjoy my time with John and Linda, my lovely friend’s parents who were kind enough to let me stay with them temporarily while I got my head straight in Chicago.


They were amazing hosts and I can’t say enough good things about getting to hang out with them for a few months!

So this week has been a whirlwind for me.  It has been less than 1 week since I knew I was coming home.  I packed up my stuff, Rob flew out to meet me, and we drove back the whole 13 hours on Monday.  Now I am in charge of cleaning and unpacking.  Also, applying for jobs.

So that is enough about that.  I just wanted to post what was going on before I suddenly started blogging more often and from NJ.  I hope to have this blog go back to being more about fitness and health than anything else so don’t be surprised.  I need to get my house in order the next few days but I also need to get off my butt and get back in shape!  I’ve got some plans for that but that is a blog for another day.  Until next time!

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