Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Okay, here is the obligatory after Christmas post! 

In case you missed it, Rob and I host Christmas breakfast every year and this year was turning out to be a big one!  It seemed like everyone was coming (and they did!). 


Rob is one of 6 kids and I am one of 4, so between our two families, we can pack a house.  Not all the siblings came but my aunt and uncle were there plus grandparents.  Luckily with some furniture rearranging, we set up two tables that could seat 12 (but we only had 10 chairs).  There was still more room for another 6 foot table if needed.  Rob and I were running around most of the time and it seemed like most of the guys just hung around the kitchen anyway.


Everyone had a really nice time.  My favorite part about Christmas is just getting to see everyone! 

As for gifts, Rob and I haven’t really been exchanging with anyone the last few years.  With so many people, it gets expensive and hosting breakfast is basically our gift to everyone.  There are a few people (like parents!) who still get us stuff.  Some things we got this year:


My sister always gets me the Longaberger Christmas basket and look how adorable it is this year!!!  I always look forward to that Smile  She also found this crazy bird house since she knows how much we love our bird feeders.  She got a bunch for everyone (See Grandma above holding hers).


Rob’s parents got us just a few things.  One thing we really needed was a crock pot since ours broke.  I got to pick this one out and I’m so excited to try it.  It is completely programmable!  She also got me the Longaberger Trifle Bowl which was retired.  Plus some gift cards and other little things.


Every year from my Dad, we get a Hess Truck.  I have every single truck from 1984 on (and I also lay claim to my Dad’s collection which goes back to 1970 I think?)


My grandmother also got my 6 of these beautiful Lenox coffee cups that match my Christmas pattern that I inherited from my other grandmother.  One of these days, Rob and I are going to have to host Christmas dinner and bust out the china! 

Dinner was at Rob’s brother’s house where I didn’t really take any pictures.  It was pretty low key and we were really tired at that point.  Such a long day!  But it was a really nice Christmas.  Until next year!

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  1. That is the same Christmas pattern as my mom’s and I have dibs on that haha. It is really pretty. Looks like a great christmas!

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