Local Eats: Dover Edition 1

Local Eats: Dover Edition 1

Well, the game is up!  I’m going to school in Dover, Delaware.  While we were down there, moving into my school apartment, we had to find places to eat!  Without much in the way of kitchen supplies and food, we sort of had to eat out.  The first night, we stuck with chain restaurants but then we decided it wasn’t that good and we would try to find some cool local places.  We were pretty successful!

Local Eats:  Some Guy’s Bagels

I asked some fellow students if they wanted to meet up for breakfast with Rob and I and to make it quick, we decided on bagels.  One of them knew of this local place so we headed there.

Overall, not bad but I am from South Jersey, where the bagel is king.  I don’t think they have the same love there.  Still, decent enough!  I did really enjoy the horseradish and bacon cream cheese.  It was bacon bits though.  Would have been WAY better with real bacon but also wouldn’t last as long for the restaurant so totally makes sense.  I think I will go back in the future!

Some Guy’s Bagels
136 Greentree Drive
Dover, DE 19904-7648
(302) 672-7450

Local Eats:  Countrie Eatery

The next day for breakfast, we decided to hit this cute place that I had driven by a few times before.  It just looked like a cute breakfast place and it was pretty good!  The ambiance was actually a little awkward inside.  I felt way too young to be there (could have been that it was mid week too).  The place was big inside and sat right on the lake of which we had a wonderful view.  The food totally made up for the weird atmosphere.  I simply got scrambled eggs with home fries and a house muffin instead of toast.  The eggs were fluffy and not greasy.  The muffin was YUM.  I could just eat a whole pan on those every time I went.  It had carrots, raisins, and other stuff.  Some sort of bran muffin.  It was good!!!  I’m sure we’ll be going back again in the future!

Countrie Eatery
950 N. State Street
Dover, DE 19901-3903
(302) 674-8310

Local Eats:  McGlynn’s Pub

This place is right next door to the Countrie Eatery in this really huge cool looking building (also on the lake).  It was pouring that night and the parking lot was PACKED.  We ran in and there was a wait!  On a Tuesday!  We put in our names and headed to the bar.  I love the inside of this place!  Its got an old world feel, really warm and welcoming.  The bar area was really cool and had that pub feel while the dining room felt more formal but not stuffy.

All the food was delicious too.  Turns out that Tuesday is half price burger night and I ordered a burger!  Perfect!  Rob got the Irish Stew (house special) and it was AMAZING.  I can’t describe how delicious it was.  We also ordered the home-made mozzarella sticks which were also incredible.  My burger was even top notch.  We’ll definitely be heading back there again.  Oh and the beer selection was excellent.  Not huge but enough micro-brews to satisfy me!

McGlynn’s Pub & Restaurant
800 North State Street
Dover, DE 19901-3910
(302) 674-0144

I’m sure I’ll be finding lots of other new interesting places to eat and hang out down there!  If anyone is ever in the area, let me know!

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