Mid-March Goals Update

This week went by so quickly!  Monday started off well with the gym but then I got incredibly sick after lunch.  I think the stew I had went bad.  Yuck.  Luckily it was short lived and I was pretty much back to normal Tuesday.  Today though, I’m feeling down again with a sniffle and sore throat.  It is probably allergies as I usually get them 2 weeks or so before everyone else.  I hope I am strong enough to fight them off this year!

Anyway, time for an update on my March Goals!

Workouts_2016-03-16Goal 1:  Exercise 5 Days Per Week

I thought this would be an easy one but I basically took a stay-cation last week and skipped the gym.  I had a lot of stuff going on and I think I just needed a break after 11 weeks straight at Bullpen.  It was a nice break but I got back to the gym this past Monday!

For the rest of the month, I’m just going to work on being consistent again.  You can see from my chart that I’ve been doing great the last 3 months until my week off.  I’m not too worried about this goal.  It was to make sure I stayed on top of things so as long as I do that for the rest of the month, I’m good!

Goal 2:  Stay Under 1700 Calories, 25 Days

As well as skipping the gym last week, I also just didn’t track my food.  Whoops.  But I picked it up again on Sunday and have been doing great!  I was under 1700 calories every day, and without much effort!  Yesterday I went over since we went out for March Madness/St Patty’s Day.  One day here and there is okay.  I’m doing well now that I’m actually tracking for this one!

Goal 3:  Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day

I have been KILLING this goal!  Even since I downloaded Plant Nanny (read my app review!), I have been drinking water like crazy.  I don’t always meet my Plant Nanny goal of 106 ounces but I am always well over 64 ounces so this goal is in the bag!  I even planted 2 plants and have a third going!


Goal 4:  Yoga Once Per Week

Yeah, this one is just not happening.  It just isn’t a priority right now.  Maybe next month!

Goal 5:  Complete 1 Craft Project

I still have time on this one!  I don’t really have a project lined up and I don’t really want to have to buy supplies either.  I need to do some repair sewing on clothes and things.  Does that count?  LoL!  I am sure I will come up with something.

So that is pretty much it!  I like making monthly goals just to keep my priorities in mind but sometimes they change (ahem, yoga).  Just going to keep on trucking for the rest of the month!

5 thoughts on “Mid-March Goals Update

  1. I too try to stick to 5 days of exercise per week. I do allow myself one “flex” week a month since life happens and it’s really hard to stick to it if you have work deadlines, child commitments, etc.

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I feel like a healthy-living-blogger-fraud when I post about not being on track but it is the truth! Life is never perfect 🙂

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