Starting off 2017 Right

Hello!!!  All those thin promises of blogging.  Well, better late then never.  I am working on getting a regular schedule again.  Not just for blogging but for fitness too.  Today would have been alright except for a mid-day detour from work.  But that isn’t important today.  What is is my workout!  I  made sure to make it a priority to hit the gym this afternoon.

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I’m still going to the same gym, which recently changed its name to Atlantic County Fitness.  There are new owners so there’s some new things but mostly it’s the same.  Always tough, intense workouts!  I like that now I know people and they expect me to be there.  For example, tomorrow I can’t go to my normal afternoon class because I have an afternoon shift at work.  Instead, I agreed to a 6am class!  Wow I will be tired but I will get through it.  It will be a long day after that, calling into meetings I am missing and then going in for the lab later.

As for a general health and fitness update, I’m still up in weight.  I weigh myself occasionally on the Aria scale I bought a few months ago.  It is wifi enabled and automatically updates to my Fitbit account.  It is just convenience but still cool.  It also does body fat.  I don’t know how accurate it is but I just want an estimate and to make the number go down in general.  I’ve got very few goals for this year.

  1. Run the Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K (already registered!)
  2. Run the Atlantic City April Fool’s Half Marathon (registered for this too!)
  3. Go down 3 dress sizes (about half way to my final goal).
  4. Increase fitness – example measurement: decrease mile run time!
  5. Improve Health Stats – my c-reactive protein was really bad and I’d like to get that down.

That’s pretty much it!  I will probably add a few more races in the fall to my schedule as well but I am waiting a bit to see who will be around to run with me.  Otherwise, I’m just taking each day in stride, trying to be healthier bit by bit.

Well, I have to run.  I better get to bed early for that 6am gym class in the morning!

What are your goals for 2017?

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