Quick blog today because I’m still working on finals!  I had a final last night and while I ws almost done, I had one part giving me issues.  It was open book but I couldn’t find the part I needed.  So I sat there.  For an hour.  Meanwhile, the rest of the class were still working on a different problem (it was pick 2 of 3).  So finally, the professor called it quits and told us to bring it in in the morning so that we could rest.  He is a cool professor like that but I was actually not happy about it because I wanted to just be done!  But I’m a perfectionist when it comes to school work so here I sit, making sure everything looks nice and is correct!!

On fitness news, my ankle is feeling great!  My right calf now is super sore but hey, can’t be perfect!

And I also have a little confession.  My eating has been terrible this week.  I was thrown off because my friend was staying with me so my routine wasn’t right.  I can’t wait to get into the normal work grind and have a routine.  I thrive off of doing the same thing at the same time every day!  I think that is why weekends give me trouble, no routine.  Anyway, so starting Monday, I’m here at school, working my 9 to 5, doing research.  I don’t care if I do Paleo or just eat clean, I just want to eat normal food again!  Funny thing is, after a few days of eating crap, I actually crave clean foods.  Give me veggies!  Give me fishies!  Give me clean eats!

Ok, off to finish this exam!  I found that formula I needed for the part I was stuck on 🙂

2 thoughts on “Neverending

  1. so glad your ankle is feeling better! This past week, I ate A TON of sweets at work (darn peer pressure) And the next day all I wanted was sweet potato fries, carrots, and apple slices haha

  2. I”m the same with food. After vacation, I just wanted a salad and some fruit!! I couldn’t have eaten another fry if you paid me!! Good luck on finals! I’m sure you’ll get fantastic grades!

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