Photo Challenge Day 4

The explanation of the photo challenge can be found on Day 1’s blog here:  Photo Challenge.

Day 4:  A picture of the cast of your favorite TV show

I love love love love NCIS.  I could watch it all day every day.  I watched several episodes last night even.  The new one on DVR and an old episode that we really liked and recorded to watch again!  Haha.  I like shows that have fast talking witty people (my other favorite show that isn’t on anymore is Gilmore Girls.  I can’t watch Parenthood because I know I’ll become hooked! Same thing, fast talking witty people!). 
Oh but wait!  What about the Doctor?!
What do you mean that isn’t the current Doctor?  Who cares!  He’s my favorite Doctor šŸ™‚  Ok fine, here is the current one:

I have a serious geek side I know but I absolutely love Doctor Who.  Are first I thought it was weird but then I really got into it and love it now!  Good thing NCIS and Doctor Who are on different nights!

And I tried to post pictures of my runners up but its not working so instead you get a list:
Ghost Hunters
Holmes on Homes
Top Gear (the original BBC version)
NCIS Los Angeles
White Collar
Stargate Universe

4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Day 4

  1. I find it so funny that we don't watch any of the same tv shows! We spend so much time together but apparently have totally different taste when it comes to our DVRs, lol.

  2. I use to love to watch gilmore girls with my mom. I have never seen docto who-whats that about?

    Also I like ghost hunters, but LOVE ghost adventures-have you ever seen it?

  3. Doctor Who is a British Sci-Fi show about an immortal "time lord" that travels through time saving the world type thing. Its really funny and off the wall. It was around in the… 70s? And they brought it back a few years ago. Never saw the originals but I love the new ones! Besides, I love most things British. LOL!

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