Rebuilding Immunity

Rebuilding Immunity

Happy Thursday? I always feel like I have to say “Hi” when I start my blog… Anyway!

I’m feeling crummy.

I thought it was a milk allergy from the weekend badness. I felt great Monday and Tuesday, boundless energy, determination, clarity! Then Wednesday came and in the afternoon I started to just feel… tired. And this morning, I woke up and the sinus thing that has been bothering me is back in full force. Its probably allergies. It feels like the beginnings of a cold – slightly runny nose and a sneeze now and then. Now its moving its way up so my eyes feel puffy or stuffy or weird. I popped an allergy pill. I haven’t taken more of my herbal sicky supplements yet but I will after lunch. Lots of vitamin c, B12, zinc, other stuff. Let’s hope I can kick this thing!

On the bright side, I’ve eaten really, really Paleo the last couple of days:

I figured it should help my immune system get back to normal functioning. My digestion is still all messed up though – I’m blaming the food poisoning. Even normal things bother me lately. Working on that! Still having a little sugar in my coffee in the mornings but that’s pretty much all that is non-Paleo.


(I really mean “a little”)

As for fitness, I am doing better.

I went for a walk at lunch on Monday and Tuesday. I also did some squats and push ups on Monday and kettlebell work on Wednesday. I’ve gotten all my crunches in (125 a day!) this week. Missed Sunday but I will make that up. I can already see my stomach getting flatter. I figured out some of the reasons why I’ve been struggling with fitness lately but will talk about that in another post. Before you can move ahead, you have to know what is holding you back!

Just a babbling post today. Going to drink lots of tea and water and take my herbal supplements to try and kick this nose tickle I have. I want the energy of Monday and Tuesday back!!

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How are you doing lately? How is your fitness? Diet? Life in general?

7 thoughts on “Rebuilding Immunity

  1. Sorry you’re still feeling cruddy.

    SInce my near-deathy-illness was diagnosed, I hit the frozen stock (please don’t say ‘bone broth’ which is meant for the hipsters…it’s just stock!). Make your own! It’s super-easy, just takes time. I don’t own a slow cooker but you could ‘set it and forget it’ to save time!

    Stock (throughout centuries) has been given as a prescription for sickos! I’d also recommend avoiding nightshades and other inflammatory foods. Guzzle tea, too.

    1. Hehe bone broth makes me laugh every time for the same reason. Its freaking BROTH or STOCK. Whatever. Anyway! I don’t have any bones to make it so…

      I was thinking about trying the Practical Paleo autoimmune meal plan just to kick start my healing. Or the one for leaky gut. I was wondering about the nightshades if they are hard to digest. I also have a problem with cruciferous veggies when I’m “down and out” (cauliflower, cabbage, etc.). If I avoid all of that, I’m left with hardly anything to eat then! Hm…

      1. I can eat cabbage, brussels sprouts and cauliflower but NOT broccoli. I’ve tried it every way, including cooked til it’s brown and mush. Pity, as it was my fave freggie.

        Nightshades aren’t hard to digest, they’re toxic. Mildly for most but if you have auto-immune, it’s trouble. It’ll cause a flare!

        You can’t group them all as off-limits. In order to test, you MUST do a control for 4-8 weeks, then test ONE plant at a time. It’s the only way. You don’t have to do it but if you want to know, that’s what you do. And the control isn’t that bad. I mean, I guarantee you’ll lose weight cos you’ll not be eating crap 🙂 And remember: it’s not forever. It can be as short as 4 weeks, though 8 is best.

        I’ll still sneak a bit of garlic (not nightshade but known trigger) but if I eat it like I used to do, it does. I can eat a bit of tomatoes but if I eat sauce all week (I eat the same thing for lunch — AT LEAST — all week)? Trouble.

        I wouldn’t know but I spent over a year and there’s a bazillion other things to try (like sorghum ‘flour’). I ruled out millet and amaranth and can have but not a lot of tapioca/ manioc and some others. You learn what you CANNOT have and then you learn what you can have SOME of and then what you CAN.

        1. Oy!! I gotta start making a list of food I need to avoid (for a few weeks til my tummy is back to normal). Sad part is, peppers and tomatoes are in my diet almost daily. Oh, and a list of what I can have (I think spinach is ok?!) I will figure something out!

          1. They were in mine, too! Moreso in summer as we raise them. I don’t know if spinach is okay for you or not but they’re not a nightshade, neither is kale or any other ‘green.’ You can google autoimmune (or ‘anti-inflammatory’) diet or at least nightshade lists. I’ve done posts over on my blog from the past 12-18 months.

            I also avoid citrus, peels and most raw veg (also due to lupus). I still have some but I limit it or pay.

    1. I used to use 2+ packets of sugar in my 16 ounce coffee but slowly worked my way down to only a sprinkle! It can be done! Now the only downside is that the flavored creamer is way too sweet for me! LoL!

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