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75736-1666-014f (533x800)That’s me, I’m the running imposter.  All this time, I’ve been calling myself a runner but I’ve had myself and you all duped the whole time.  I always suspected myself to not be a true runner and I always feel odd calling myself one too and now I know.  Anyway, here are a few reasons why I’m a running imposter:

  • I have run only 53 times in the last year using my Garmin.  That breaks down to about once a week, slightly more if you include runs without the Garmin.  Also, in that time I ran several races, including 3 half marathons and a 10 miler.  How I managed not to injure myself, I have no clue.
  • I prefer other fitness over running sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good couple of miles on the road, but sometimes I just want to pump some iron or bounce along to a Zumba song and leave the running gear at home.
  • I am considering a 3-run-a-week Marathon Training Plan.  I am sure all the runners reading this have their eyes popping out of their heads right now.  But I think running 5 days a week will put my body into a stress it won’t appreciate and a mental state that would make me go crazy.  At least let me assure you that it has been tested and is an actual plan from a trainer (book) and not something I made up.

So there you have it, I’m not a real runner.  I’m an imposter.  I’ve even got medals and bibs to prove it.  They were all earned with hard sweat from a fake runner.  Who knew!

All  joking aside, let me now quiet the fears of those who put together those last few tidbits and are now asking what I am going to do about the marathon in October…

  • I am going to train for the marathon in October and if I feel that I am not fully prepared, I can always drop down to the half.  But mentally and physically, I believe that I am ready to take on the training for a full marathon.
  • I will cross train and weight lift during my marathon training because I believe it will help to prevent injury.  In order to avoid overtraining, that means some of the running days may need to go.
  • The training plan I am considering is an actual plan from a set of trainers and seems to work for most of the people who have used it.  It is intense and may actually be harder than the plans that have 5 days a week of running but I find it more interesting and appealing to me so I am considering it.
  • While my “base” is not very high, I feel that my fitness base (which is high) will help to overcome that.  People with less running experience than me have decided to just lace up and train for a marathon and been successful.  I’m not looking to break any world records; I just hope to finish in less than 5 and a half hours.  I’ll be ok.

I guess I will talk more about this elusive training plan later when I decide to review the book I read on it.  I am being so dodgy because I really feel like an imposter!  Like I am flying the face of the running gods who say in order to run, you have to run.  But my instinct says you have to be overall fit also.  I am still torn.  I still have not decided between those marathon plans I mentioned before, the marathon plans that an amazing friend sent to me, this 3-run-a-week plan, and the other millions of plans you can find online. 

One thing I can say that makes me a little giddy and excited is that if I can finish so many long distance races without much training, imagine what my results would be if I actually did train properly!!  Woah!

PS.  Please don’t hate me.  I know I’ve tricked you all, telling you I was a true runner.  I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me!  Winking smile


10 thoughts on “Running Imposter

  1. Well… what a great imposter you are!!!!!

    Honestly, I haven’t run a full…. but the 3 days a week running, along with what you already do… You’ll do so much better if you don’t hurt yourself. And, I know that you’ll be good to go! Have fun, and I’ll have fun reading all about it!

  2. I’ve read so many times that anybody who can easily run a half CAN do a full w/o special training (so long as they are consistently running halfs) and of course, you’d better jolly well rest/ take care after you’ve done that full w/o training “normally” for it.

    That said, I’m nuts and haven’t run a half (nor do I intend to do)! 🙂 I read this stuff, though 🙂 It’s on the internet; it must be true.

    1. “It’s on the internet; it must be true.” LoL!

      This is an actual training plan I found, its just non-traditional. But very effective I think. So I’ll be training but not running every day. I still have to work out 6 days a week! There are those special people who can just run and run and seem to never have it bother them but after about 3 hours, I hurt. LoL!

  3. haha. love this post. And you aren’t an imposter. Can’t wait to get training 🙂

  4. Hey!! Fake it until you make it!! That’s what I say. I’d also say you made it already but that’s just me!! : )

    1. You probably could! If you want to run the marathon with me in October, you can! But remember that means training during rugby season!!

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