Book Review: In Defense of Food

InDefenseofFoodI originally read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan way back in March 2010 when first got it.  I never really wrote a true book review but just said:

“I just finished reading “In Defense of Food” and it was amazing. Truly eye opening. He starts off the book with “Eat food. Not too much. Most plants.” That is his conclusion and he builds up to it the entire book. He talks about how eating habits have changed since the industrialization of the food supply. What was really interesting was the politics behind the FDA. REALLY interesting. He then goes through how to get better, more nutritious foods. Finally he ends with basic rules for shopping for foods. I think you guys would all love it!” – Original Post on Spark People “Food Showdown”

And that is pretty much all I remember from this book.  Lots of shocking government food policies but a lot of things to help you learn (and want) to eat all natural.  But since reading this book, my eating-life turned upside down.  I almost never eat processed foods anymore.  I rarely eat at chain restaurants because I do not trust their foods.  I eat as “clean” and natural as possible and it really did start with reading this book.  All that being said, I think everyone should read this because it really will change the way you look at your food!

Conveniently while I was at the book store this weekend, I found a copy of it on clearance so I’m giving it away!  Just leave a comment on this blog telling me either why you choose to eat all natural or why you find it hard to to avoid processed foods.  Can’t wait to see your answers!  I will randomly choose a winner on Friday!

13 thoughts on “Book Review: In Defense of Food

  1. That is so cute/ sweet! I think that I hear this author interviewed but didn’t actually READ it?

    This is recommended by so many people. I’m going to see if I own it in ebook already (embarrassingly, I don’t know what I have).

    BTW, I sent to a SP-mail 🙂

  2. what a great giveaway! I defiantly try to eat less processed food. I know I feel better when I do, but I also love to teach Andrew about what foods are good for our bodies

  3. That book sounds great!! I don’t even remember you writing that on SP!! My serious number one problem with eating “clean”. . . My family!! My husband and daughter have a really hard time when I start buying clean, natural food!! I get by with a lot of it at home, but I’m pretty sure my husband would die if I didn’t buy those Sunbelt Chocolate Chip Granola bars!!

  4. Although I haven’t read the book (but would love to), I have read a similar book that changed my view of chain restaurants, as well as processed food. It really is ridiculous what our government allows to be put into the food supply.

  5. Since we are a Paleo family, we don’t really deal with much in the way of processed foods. I am not a complete 100% for my family on days when they have parties at school or go to someone else’s house. But we do talk about what is in processed food and they get grossed out sometimes….I just shake my head and get very upset when I see stuff that is marketed as “food” and REALLY upset when it’s targeted at kids. I know, they can’t just buy it, the parent has to, but I’ve been witness to many a tantrum in the supermarket and know often it’s easier to give in! I cringe when the kids in my class show me a processed food item they have for lunch, that after one look at the ingredients wouldn’t even feed my worst enemy, and hear them say, “Mommy bought this for me…it’s special for kids and it’s HEALTHY!!!” Yikes!!! Really? I can’t pronounce half of the ingredients!

  6. You’ve been on me to read this for years now; I even have it on my amazon wish list! I’ve been trying to eat “cleaner” but I probably need to read it to scare the processed food out of me, lol. I guess if I don’t win I’ll have to suck it up and download it to my kindle. Although I’d like Joe to read it too because he does our grocery shopping and is the one that really needs to be convinced…

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