Season of Giving

I walked into work this morning to find this beautiful tree in the lobby!  I just had to stop and see what was going on and was excited to find a gift tree.  Basically, there are little tags all over the tree listing a child and what they would like for Christmas.  It is for the Women’s Center here so I guess it is for their needier single moms or something but whoever it is for, it is a chance to help someone!  Now, I’ve seen these trees before and the gifts listed get insane (Ipad?  XBox?) but these gifts seemed pretty reasonable and within my budget.

I went back later and picked out a tag and was happy to see the tree had already been picked at quite a bit.  My coworker and I worked on moving the tags up from the bottom of the tree because it looks like people were only taking the ones at eye level.  I chose one for a 7 year old boy who wants a board or card game.  Since I won’t be here next week, Rob will be in charge of bringing the gift back and placing it in the box (unwrapped with the tag taped to it).  I am just so excited to give something to someone I don’t even know who really deserves a surprise!

What are you doing this season to give back to others?

3 thoughts on “Season of Giving

  1. Such a wonderful tree! I love those too but could never afford the items on them. An iPad isn’t even on our list… haha This tree seems a little reasonable with the decline in the economy still. Glad you could help out. We are donating to an organization this year for Christmas presents. We purchase family members charity gifts in their names. Great way of giving to others.

  2. love this! Andrew had to bring a gift to school today. the gift will then be given to a child in need (not from the school). I think it is a great lesson to learn at a young age!

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