Parties, Pasta, and Peanut M&Ms

What a weekend!  What a day!  I will just go in chronological order to keep it straight.

Friday was my last day at work Sad smile  I will miss lots of people there but this is a new chapter in my life I guess!  Anyway, it also happened to be the night of our Holiday party (I timed it well!).  We got a special rate for a hotel room that night since the party was being held at one of the casinos.  Excellent idea because we go to go out with friends afterwards!

DSCN5655 (1024x768)DSCN5657 (1024x768)

Beautiful view!  We got ready and headed down.  I’m ashamed to say I didn’t get a good picture of my cute outfit!  I had this awesome Betsey Johnson shirt on that I got a while back.  It has ruffles right above the butt.  Love it! But I did get these 2 cute photos of me (first with Rob and second with a coworker)

DSCN5661 (1024x768)DSCN5665 (1024x768)

I really liked the party this year, it was very casual and the atmosphere was just awesome being at Cuba Libre.  Going to miss the parties!  And the people!  Anyway, we headed out afterward and I didn’t take that many photos.  Some pictures of food and some of the casino but nothing special.


I had a few drinks but nothing too crazy.  I was able to walk just fine in my heals on the stupid cobblestone floor at that casino (why did they do that???).  We didn’t get up to the room though until almost 4!  And we had to be up at 7 for moving day!

Saturday was all about moving!  I found out a few weeks ago that my cousin was moving and thinking about getting rid of some furniture.  It worked out so I ended up taking it off her hands for the new apartment!  I only took one photo but good enough!  She also gave me her kitchen table so I have somewhere to sit and work Smile

DSCN5687 (1024x768)

I am sad to say I didn’t get any work done for school that day.  I hadn’t drank nearly enough water the night before and we were running on 3 hours of sleep.  Saturday was such a waste.  I am glad we don’t do that too often!

Sunday was homework day.  This week is already crazy and is going to continue that way.  I am only taking the time to blog now because I have been working on one class since 10AM this morning!  I had a presentation to write and then we started giving them at 3:#0 and we got done at 7:30 PM!  I even stayed up until about midnight last night working on it.  I am t.i.r.e.d.  Anyway!  So while I worked, Rob had to entertain himself quietly.  I was having a really hard time concentrating so I asked him not to turn the TV on.  The evils of living in an open floor plan is that you can’t put yourself in another room to work.

Anyway, he got busy with his new project: cooking things from scratch.  I have to say, I am loving his new hobby.  On yesterday’s agenda was attempt #2 on bread and also on fresh pasta.  Both came out much better!  He still is working on the bread though.  Right now, he is trying to harvest wild yeast.  Blog on that maybe this weekend.  So here he is:

DSCN5692 (768x1024)DSCN5694 (768x1024)DSCN5698 (768x1024)

Isn’t he too funny?  We don’t have a pasta drying rack so he hung clothing hangers from our pot rack.  It worked pretty well actually!  Look and you can see the fresh loaves of bread in the background of the next picture:

DSCN5704 (768x1024)DSCN5706 (768x1024)

DSCN5709 (1024x768)

The nice thing about the fresh pasta is 1) it tastes AWESOME and 2) is only takes 3 minutes to boil.  Dinner was ready in no time and it was amazing!  We even made garlic bread with the fresh bread he made.  I could get used to this kind of cooking!

So the rest of night was spent really cramming work.  Cupcake was enjoying my bookbag while I worked too.  I think she was trying to stow away to school with me in the morning!

DSCN5715 (1024x768)

And like I said, today was nothing but presentations!

Health and Fitness
Quick health and fitness update.  I didn’t track at all this weekend!  I also didn’t run (very dehydrated on Saturday, too busy with homework on Sunday).  Tomorrow, I plan on getting up first thing and hitting the treadmill in the fitness room.  Better than not running at all!  Even if I hate the dreadmill!  My eating today was pretty good but then I was held captive for 4 hours of presentations (by the way, it was supposed to take 2 hours).  I also didn’t have a water bottle!  Anyway, I had a bag of peanut M&Ms which held me over for the most part.  Not the best choice but it actually gave me the energy to last through (and through my presentation) so that is good!  I chose the peanut over other candies in the vending machine because I wanted the carbs for energy and the proteins and fats from the nuts to keep me full!  At least I picked the best of the worst right?  It all worked out.  But I promise, no more M&M dinners for the rest of the week!

3 thoughts on “Parties, Pasta, and Peanut M&Ms

  1. You crack me up! M&M dinners! Looks like Rob will be very busy while you are gone…good for him for finding a new hobby! Love the new furniture…starting to look very cozy there in DE!

  2. how awesome that you got furniture from your cousin (love the couch!)
    Im at work reading your posts (psst dont tell anyone) and I giggled PRETTY loud when I saw the pasta drying on the hangers! Would love to try homemade noodles!

    1. Rob is too funny sometimes! And the noodles are super easy to make. I wrote a blog about it a while back at Pasta Making Fun!. It has an exact recipe but I prefer to wing it. Also, if you use pastry flour, the pasta comes out even better (the flour is super fine). I think its definitely something you and the little guy could do together one night! Just make a small batch and you don’t have to dry it before boiling!

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