Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Just a quickie blog today as I have lots to do and will be driving 2 hours tonight to get home!

emoticon I didn’t have time for my workout yesterday (class ran late) so I got up this morning and did it! Then, I will do today’s normally scheduled workout tonight. Double duty today! 

emoticon GREAT news here – I’ve been sleeping really well! Probably has to do with all the exercise I’m getting. I’ve been even waking up before my alarm clock. Woohoo! Last night, I was awoken by a storm for like an hour but I eventually fell back asleep and woke up feeling refreshed. Oh, and I stopped wearing my FitBit at night – I agree with lots of people who said that maybe it was making me sleep bad knowing it was monitoring me. Could be. Whatever the reason I’m sleeping better, I’ll take it! 

emoticon My eating has been excellent all week. I was strangely hungry on Tuesday though but made sure to keep my snacks all Paleo. I really wanted something sweet later though and made cake-in-a-mug but it wasn’t so great so no recipe (I used almond flour so that was paleo though sugar isn’t – close enough!). If I do better some other time, I’ll share the recipe but you don’t want this one, promise. 

emoticon I’m also concentrating better at school. Still not 100% on track there but I’m feeling my clarity coming back. That is a great thing!! 

emoticon Oooh so I almost forgot – A girl I know near my school called me and wants to start working out together. She wanted to run but I told her I really shouldn’t. She can bring a friend with her to her gym though for free so I might go along with her starting Monday! Very excited! We might do the classes (ZUMBA!!) or I can bring my Body Beast papers with me and do my lifting there. We shall see!

emoticon That’s it for today! Happy Thursday!

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  1. Great job on your workouts and so great if you get to go to the gym with a friend! I too have been experimenting with cakes in a mug. Half are good. Half aren’t. haha.

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