A Personal Health Plan with Arbonne Essentials

As you might know, I signed up to be an Arbonne Independent Consultant a few months ago because I loved their products so much.  Most people know them as a skincare and cosmetics company – the home-show that I do includes an entire facial!  But they also carry an entire life of healthcare products that I was super excited to try out.  I finally got a small set of products that I am going to try out personally so I can give honest and open opinions on them in my business.  In the meantime, you get to hear about them too!


I basically have 5 products from the Arbonne Essentials line that I am going to “test” on myself for the next month.

  • Chocolate Protein Shake Mix
  • Herbal Colon Cleanse
  • Metabolism Boost
  • Herbal Detox Tea
  • Spray Vitamin D + B12

The Protein Shake is an obvious choice for most active people.  While I don’t usually do shakes (because they usually taste terrible), Arbonne’s shake tastes great because of the use of real sugar, and the Super Shred Diet calls for 1 shake every day.  Arbonne’s shake is more than just a protein shake though with many additional vitamins and minerals also.  Their percentages aren’t through the roof so I see it as a bonus in addition to my multivitamin and my protein shake.

I chose the Herbal Colon Cleanse as a way to clean out and reset my digestive system.  It contains bacillus coagulans, a beneficial probiotic.  The cleanse lasts for a maximum of 7 days at up to 2 pills per day.  I plan on easing into it with 1 pill per day for as many days as I see fit (up to 7 days).  With all of my digestion issues, I was hoping this might help as a reset every few months or so.  Arbonne’s products don’t have preservatives so I should use all 60 pills within a year of purchasing.  If I only do a single pill every day for 6 days, that could be 10 cleanses per year!

The Metabolism Boost is designed to help your body more efficiently burn fats and carbohydrates and “support healthy glucose metabolism”.  I figured it can’t hurt to take and maybe burn calories more efficiently!

The Herbal Detox Tea is supposed to support liver and kidney health, just like any other detox you might find.  That is, it is designed to remove toxins from your body that would otherwise cause damage.

Finally, I purchased the Spray Vitamin D + B12 to help with energy levels.  I have taken supplements for both vitamins before and thought it was an novel idea to take it as a liquid instead of a pill.  Better absorption perhaps?

I plan on combining all of these with a healthy diet and exercise which I’ll be documenting as I go.  Let’s just call it my own personal health experiment.  I can already tell you I love the tea, it has a slight minty flavor but not overwhelming.  The vitamin spray also tastes great (tropical fruit!) though I am not yet on a schedule to remember to take it (3 sprays, 3 times per day) so I can’t tell if it’s working.

Finally, all of Arbonne’s products are vegan.  While this isn’t always a big deal for me (as I am an omnivore), it does tell me that these products were made without animal testing and without animal byproducts which is a pretty good thing.  Arbonne’s products are also made without artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.  These are just a few of the reasons that I signed on with this company!  Quality products that are safe and beneficial to consume and use.

Well, enough about how great these products are in and of themselves.  Off to make a plan to test them out for the next month in my road to health!

*Note that supplements are not regulated by the FDA so any claims have not been evaluated by them.  Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.  This is true for any supplement you purchase.  I just wanted to make this clear though!

If you are interested in more information on these or any of Arbonne’s other products, please feel free to contact me at chickenscoopgirl (@) gmail (dot) com.

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