Arbonne Essentials 7-Day Body Cleanse

7DayCleanseI am officially done with the 7-Day Body Cleanse from Arbonne Essentials (more about Arbonne here)!  So here I will talk about the nitty-gritty.  What is the cleanse?  What is it meant to do?  How did it go?

Arbonne Essentials 7-Day Body Cleanse
Product # 2082
$50 for 7 Day Supply

From the Arbonne Website:  Helps cleanse and detoxify the system and support the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Assists with the gentle elimination of toxins.*

*Note:  No supplements are evaluated by the FDA.  Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, etc. any diseases or ailments.

Arbonne’s products are botanically based, meaning they start with plant products and only add safe, man-made products when it is truly necessary for the function of the product.  They don’t use artificial sweeteners, flavoring, or coloring.

This cleanse is botanically based and is created to detoxify 3 areas of your body: the liver, colon, and kidneys.   Key Ingredients are Milk Thistle, for liver support, and Antioxidants, because oxidation causes damage in your body.  It is sweetened with agave nectar and stevia.

That is pretty much everything about the product itself without boring you.  If you would like more detail, let me know!  Now on to the details of actually doing the cleanse.  First, let me say that this was the only thing I changed this week.  I ate the same normal (somewhat crappy) diet.  I actually didn’t exercise at all but that isn’t too far off from my normal 1-3 times per week.  The great thing about Arbonne’s cleanse is that you don’t need to change anything else.  You just drink this in addition to your normal routine.  I’m sure combining it with a healthy diet would be even better.

2014-11-09-10.32.00.jpgHow did it taste?  Like figs.  I thought it was fruity but a friend of mine said it tasted like Fig Newtons and she’s right!  It does!  It is a very subtle flavor too which was really nice.  It isn’t like drinking juice, since you mix the 1 ounce packet with 32 ounces of water.  I wanted a bit more flavor though so I added some Black Cherry concentration to it.  Only a dash.  It wasn’t too bad to drink every day for a week.

So, how did I feel?  Well, there were ups and downs.

I felt like I had tons more energy and concentration.  I felt clear-headed just a few days in.  I was feeling pretty darn great actually!

The “gastrointestinal” part of this cleanse is no joke.  It took my body a few days to react while my friend who did the cleanse with me had a reaction right away.  It is a part of the cleanse though and is why I stopped taking my digestion plus supplement during it.  I did notice that my reactions were worse when I ate a lot of sugar.  Maybe try to avoid sugar while doing the cleanse?  My body is feeling back to normal now that it has been a few days since I stopped the cleanse.  I was only “bad” once.  I would recommend doing this cleanse when you won’t be traveling much…

I didn’t always get my other 32 ounces of water like they tell you to.  I drink a ton of coffee, tea, and other beverages though so I figured that supplemented enough in addition to any extra water I had.  Maybe it would have helped with the GI issues if I had drank more water?

My friend Jess also added that she felt a little fuller doing the cleanse!

So how did I like it?  It was my one and only cleanse I have ever tried and it was interesting.  I definitely felt better and different.  This was only 1 week and 1 person so who knows if it was placebo or if I was just having a good week or if it was actually the cleanse.  I felt better though and wouldn’t be opposed to trying this again in the future.  I think it is especially a great way to kick start a new eating plan, like if you have been eating a lot of crappy food and want to “reset”.  It definitely got a lot out of my system!

I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant.  I share information on these products because I want to and do not make any money from this post.  Everything above is my opinion unless directly sourced from the website.  I am not a nutritionist, personal trainer, or any sort of trainer healthcare professional.

Have you ever done a cleanse?  How did you feel?

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