Healthy Holidays with Arbonne Essentials

I don’t talk about it much here but I’m an Arbonne Independent Consultant.  I don’t want to go into full detail because this isn’t a post about Arbonne exactly but just know that I signed on because I love their products, the ingredients, how they are tested, etc.  I just think they are great quality for all of their lines (skincare, beauty, and health products).


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I just ordered a bunch of their Arbonne Essentials line which is their health supplements.  I am challenging myself to use these regularly for the next few weeks to help kick off a healthy holiday season.  I just wanted to let you all know what new products I got and how I’ll be using them!

2014-11-08 09.09.42

2014-11-09 10.32.007-Day Body Cleanse

This is basically a little juice packet made up of plant extracts that supply antioxidants to help your body naturally rid of toxins.  I started on Saturday and will continue for the full 7 days.  You mix the little packet with 32 ounces of water and drink it throughout the day.  You are also told to drink another 32 ounces (for your daily recommended 64 ounces).  I made sure to get the entire detox drink and then supplement with water as I need (because I drink a lot of other beverages throughout the day too!).  My friend Jess is doing this with me and said the drink tastes like fig newtons.  I couldn’t agree more!  10 calories, 2g carbs.

Digestion Plus

This is a probiotic, prebiotic, and digestive enzyme supplement that comes in powder form.  I normally take pill form supplements already and thought to try this.  It tastes wretched but is tolerable if mixed with juice.  It is just replacing the pills I used previously.  I’ll start using these again after I’m done the detox.  There is no warning not to use them together but I don’t want to overload my system.  15 calories, 4g carbs.

Herbal Detox Tea

I already drink one of these a few times per week.  It is made to help the liver and kidneys remove toxins from your system.  Again, this is similar to the 7-Day Cleanse so I will wait until after I’m done that before having tea again.

GreensBalanceGreens Balance

This is our new product that I was super excited to order.  Basically, it is a serving of fruits and veggies in concentrated powder form (1 serving per scoop).  You can mix it with water, juice, or in your favorite smoothie.  I have yet to try it but I will report back!  I’ll definitely try it mixed with just water so I can tell you how it tastes, but my plan is to use it in smoothies as a boost of nutrition.  30 calories, 5g carbs, 2g protein.

Nutrition Bars

I already had the fruit bars and was almost out so I decided to try the chocolate bars this time.  I carry these in my purse and bookbag for a quick, easy snack.  They use brown rice protein and pea protein isolate so they have that slightly chalky texture but the crisp rice, seeds, and dried fruits give it a nice contrast.  The chocolate bars have 170 calories, 4g fat, 26g carbs, 9g protein.

Protein Shake Mix (Vanilla and Chocolate)

I just ordered the vanilla because I was almost out but I also have chocolate.  One thing I like about their protein shake is that it is super thick, almost like a milkshake.  It is pea based which is good for me because I often have reactions to the whey protein and I avoid soy.  Perfect!  There are 160 calories 3.5g fat, 15g sugar, 20g protein (1 serving is 2 scoops).

There are some other products I already had that aren’t in the picture:

Spray Vitamin D + B12 – For natural energy!
Energy Fizz Sticks
More natural energy!  But in powder drink mix form, great for the mid-day slump.
Fit Chews in Lemon
Little balls of energy to keep you going between meals.
Herbal Colon Cleanse – A great way to “reset” your system.  I only used 1 pill, as 2 was too much if you know what I mean!

Just so you know, no supplements are evaluated by the FDA (none at all, not even from GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc.) so these haven’t been either.  Arbonne tests all their products with clinical trials so that is a huge bonus, better assurance that they are doing what they claim.  They also only use ingredients they have found to be safe.  Finally, all of their products are certified Vegan and many of them are also Gluten Free.  They also don’t use any artificial sweeteners or coloring.  They typically use agave nectar, stevia, or sugar for sweetness.

Anyway, that was my quick run down.  I’ll let you guys know how I like the new products and how I’m using them.  If you have any questions about Arbonne Essentials or Arbonne in general, let me know!


I am just a consultant, not a nutritionist or doctor or anything.  I only profit from my direct sales to clients so unless you choose to order from me, I don’t make anything from sharing my opinions and knowledge here!  Just trying to review and talk about products I like, Arbonne or not!

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