Local Eats: Dolce Vita

Another local eats!  It is going to be painfully clear how much Rob and I eat out on the weekends.  We are trying to curb it but its been hard to get into a cooking habit lately with my new work schedule (since it tends to be irregular lately also).  Anyway!

Today’s stop, Dolce Vita, another pizza place!  I had high doubts for this place the first time I went.  We were going for Rob’s grandmother’s birthday.  “A pizza place?”, I thought, “Is that nice enough for a birthday dinner?”  Boy was I surprised!  They had remodeled the building (where I had been before when it was a breakfast place and not very nice).  It is much better now and the food is AMAZING!  And its totally just on a back road in my town. 

The food was delicious as usual and its very cheap!  I believe all of the entrees are under $20.  They all come with bread, soup or salad, and of course your choice of dish (usually with pasta but you can substitute).

The bread came with some crazy dip.  It was a little sweet for me.  It had onions, tomatoes, olives, and capers.

 I ordered the special as my entree.  I only ate a little bit of my soup.  Home made Italian Wedding.  Their soup is freaking awesome.  I am so excited to have this for lunch tomorrow!

My entree was chicken topped with eggplant, prosciutto, tomatoes, and some other crazy stuff.  I asked for rice instead of pasta which had carrots and tomatoes in it.  It had a light tomato sauce on it too.  And it was definitely basmati rice because it had that “Indian” taste to me!  LoL.  SO GOOD!  Getting the rice every time from now on!  The chicken was pretty darn good too but there is something on the regular menu that is my normal that I prefer over this.  Still worth it though!  And look how much they give you!  I only ate one of the 3 chicken breasts on the plate.

I highly recommend Dolce Vita as a favorite local eat!  You will be pleasantly surprised.  FYI, its BYOB.  If you are short on time you can hit Passion Vines around the corner which is a local “Fine Wines and Liquors” store.  That place is awesome too.  The guy today remembered us from like 3 months ago.  He asked how we liked the wine we got and how it went at the dinner party we took it to.  Ha!  Gotta love local stores šŸ™‚

Dolce Vita, 443 Zion Road, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234

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