Local Eats: Frankie’s

The first of my local places that I’ll review!  Its a pizza place!  Ha!
Rob and I were starving and headed out to go grocery shopping.  We decided to just stop somewhere to eat quick before shopping.  We love the salads at Frankies.  I don’t know what they do to the grilled chicken but its awesome.  The chicken on my salad had seasoning but most of them don’t.  Its just delicious.  I got the Southwestern salad (lettuce w/ chicken, black beans, corn, cucumbers, red onions, bacon, and fat free ranch dressing).  Yum!  Oh, and I had no idea they had just remodeled.  It looks tons better inside.  Before, it definitely had that pizza joint feel.  Now its a bit more classy 🙂

One thought on “Local Eats: Frankie’s

  1. Salad sounds good! Cute little place…can't wait to hear about more, then I'm making my list for when I'm down there! HA!

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