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It’s the weekend!  Well, for me anyway.  Today is a Friday class schedule at school and I don’t have classes on Fridays so Woohoo!  The plans for the next 5 days are lots and lots of homework and lots of housework.  I also plan on hitting the gym a lot with Rob.  Other than that, we have nothing to do!  No Thanksgiving dinner plans either.  We were invited to his sister’s house in Maryland but we have possible plans in the morning so it would have been too hurried.  Anyway!

I haven’t done any fun posts lately so I thought I would do that.  What I’ve been up to!

2013-11-15 14.28.15Two weekends ago, I had an Arbonne party at my house to Launch my new business.  A lot of people were busy and I ended up only having 3 people there but it was still a good show and I got a few outside orders.  My products will be here today!  These will be my samples for future shows.  So far, no one is biting because it is the holidays but I plan on finding some vendor shows in the meantime.  (By the way, I’m offering free shipping through the rest of the month to members of my Facebook group!  Join here if you like!)

That Saturday, Rob was working so I spent some time with my mom and it was really nice.  We went to a local craft show that we liked last year and this year was just as good.  I picked up some soap that I love and will talk about another day (shhhh don’t tell Arbonne).  It was just a nice day out!

2013-11-16 10.07.56

Last weekend, I actually got to see Rob a bit!  He worked again but on Friday, we went out for a while.  We were supposed to meet up with friends for a birthday thing but they were eating somewhere that Rob can’t eat and then were going out too late for us (since Rob had to work in the morning).  Bummer.  But we spent a little time out at the Casino just enjoying ourselves (we don’t gamble, just wander).

2013-11-22 19.21.09

Yes, they are already decorated for Christmas – who isn’t lately?!

2013-11-23 14.00.46I spent some time again with my mom and my sister.  Breakfast with the sister and hanging out at her house for a bit.  She got me a gel nail set which I’m still figuring out.  When I got home, my mom and I had fun playing with it.  I just learned that buffing your nail first is essential or they peel off almost immediately (or at least if you use your hands at all for things like dishes and laundry!)  Otherwise, it is pretty cool!  And when the paint does come off, the whole thing comes off (the color peels off, doesn’t chip) so I just fix it right away – don’t even need nail polish remover!  Its so fast to do and looks so pretty when you are done!

I was also glued to the TV last weekend because it was the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special and it was so good!  They had a bunch of other specials on too and played the fan favorites on Sunday so my DVR is crying for all the times I was out of the house.

2013-11-25 21.20.59

So this weekend is all about homework and house chores.  I will probably take an extended break when my Arbonne shipment gets here so I can play with all the new stuff (I have to try it all so I can properly describe it to people, right?!)  I realized too that I didn’t order myself a basic body lotion.  Doh!  Next time I order…

Well, that is really all the news for now.  As for health & fitness, the plans this weekend are to just eat right and move some.  Nothing big, but no slacking off!  I don’t want to burn out but I can’t be lazy either.  I will update you all on my workouts and such at the end of the weekend!  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

5 thoughts on “Lots of Girl Time

  1. I love those hanging snowflakes from the Casino! Beau-ti-ful! I was disappointed in the Doctor Who special but I started with Jon Pertwee when I was a kid…I believe had I not seen so many people spazzing about it, my expectations wouldn’t have been that it was going to be astounding or who-shattering. It wasn’t. It was a solid special–don’t get me wrong! I just wish people wouldn’t act crazy and get my hopes up cos that *always* influences me and almost never for the good. ::sigh::

    1. I turned off all my Doctor Who fan pages on Facebook because they were freaking out about it too much. So I let myself decide my own kind of excitement and it met my expectations! It wasn’t earth-shattering but a really, really good 2 hour long episode with really good actors. I enjoyed seeing David again as the Doctor. He was my first Doctor so he will always be special to me!

      1. It just RUINED it. Gar! I’m not on FB but tuning in when I watched (the re-air), they had like 20 minutes of people spazzing. Plus, I’d seen a few days of my UK friends talking about it being earth-shattering. A friend, who’s older than I am but also started with Jon P ripped the epi to SHREDS, which was hilarious (plot holes, complaining about how it was completely recycled, not homage, from decades of previous specials, etc.).

        David’s great but Baker at the end was my sort of ‘yippee!’ moment. He was perhaps the longest-tenured doctor, not sure on that but he was on there a long time and was FAB. Happily a part of my childhood anyway (that’s the old curator at the end).

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