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DSC_6071A couple of weekends ago, I went to a Flash Mob thrown by a high school classmate of mine.  I was so excited for and impress by her that I thought what fun it would be to do a little mini spotlight on her!  Pictures of the Flash Mob are throughout the post too!

Joelle is a fitness instructor and weight loss success story.  She is founder of MotleyFit and teaches classes in Linwood, NJ.  Her goal is to inspire and encourage others to also lead a healthy, long life!

(1)  What made you become a fitness instructor?

While taking a Zumba Fitness class, my instructor at the time was lively, fun, and happy.  I actually turned to my mother and said I want to be as happy as she is.  So, I began my journey…I was 225 lbs at that time.


(2)  What inspires and motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I wanted to live.  I went to the Doctor’s and found that I had a BMI of 36, which is morbidly obese.  I hadn’t realized until then, I was actually eating myself into the grave. My asthma was becoming uncontrollable.  I had no energy and I was miserable.  I never, ever want to feel that way again!  I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I am energized!

(3)  What tips do you have for someone just starting out on a health journey?

It’s not easy, and as sure as you can write a list of why it’s too hard or you can’t find time, you could also write a list of the benefits of making healthier choices.  There are just simple truths!

1. The only person who will ultimately benefit from making healthier choices is you, you are also the only one to suffer if you do not.

2. Ask yourself how old you like to live to be.  Make sure you really think about this, do you want to see your grandchildren graduate?  What about your grandchildren’s children?  Then, ask yourself, are the lifestyle, food, and workout choices you are making conducive to that age?  If you continue to keep making the same decisions, will it shorten your lifespan?

Start small! But make sure you START!


(4)  What made you organize a FlashMob?

I’ve always wanted to participate in a flash mob and have never had the opportunity because its just not something our area has done.  So, I created one myself.  I love to dance!  I’ve danced all my life.  So, I began planning it and learned about the President’s Active Lifestyle Challenge.  I love that health is an important platform of our current President and First Lady.  So, on National Day of Service, motFIT performed a flash mob and also spread the word of the team we started for the President’s Challenge.

(5)  How do you motivate others to stay active?

I give my all in my classes.  I remember being a student and how important my instructor was and still is to me.  I know how I felt, that I couldn’t do it.  I don’t want anyone to feel like I did.  I felt like I had no control over a single aspect of my life and I had to take back control, by taking my health back.  I offer them guidance, advice, an ear, and a dance floor.  I remind them constantly that I care, and to be accountable for their diets, workouts, etc.

I spread any information I learn onto my class.  Health is a global effort!  Healthy individuals have healthy families.  Healthy families make healthy communities, a healthy country into a healthier world.  I’m changing and saving people’s lives, I can’t think of anything more rewarding!  PS-Sometimes I think they, my students, motivate me more than I motivate them…LoL!


I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about Joelle and her Fitness Lifestyle!  I find her so motivating, changing her life around and being such an inspiration to others!

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  1. ‘The only person who will ultimately benefit from making healthier choices is you, you are also the only one to suffer if you do not.’


  2. What great fun! Glad you were able to go! Thanks for sharing…and I agree with Lily…that’s quote stuck out for me, too!

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