Night Time Running Needs

Night Time Running Needs

This morning, I walked out my front door to this:

It’s time to get some night time running gear… ::sigh::  Normally I like new running gear but the thought of running in the dark is killing me.  Anyway, here is the plan, input is welcome!

Reflective Gear
You might not remember, but at the Philly Rock and Roll Expo, I bought a running jacket that I was so excited about.  It fit well and was reflective.  And cheap… Well, money wasted!  I ran in it the other day.  Now, this may be TMI, but I don’t really sweat that much.  Enough to keep me cool but I’m never drenched.  I did 3 miles in this jacket (since it was getting close to dusk) and I was DRENCHED when I got back.  You could ring my shirt out.  I was not happy at all!!!  I do not need a jacket that is going to trap the heat and make me dehydrated…  So I need something else.  I’m leaning toward a vest now.  I’m thinking something like this:

Lightweight, mesh,  breathable, reflective.  Works for me!  And only $20.

Next necessary accessory is lighting!  First off, I need to break down and get a headlamp.  I have no idea what kind is a good one so I’m really looking for help on this one.  I am going to wait until last minute on this one, maybe after I’m really commited to night time running.  The vest I can use in dawn/dusk light but the headlamp is strictly night time gear here.  I’m also going to invest into some little LEDs that you can clip to your shirt.  This way,  I am visible from behind also!

Road ID
Since I will be doing a lot of my training alone, I really need to invest into a Road ID.  These nifty little bracelet are customizeable with your information just in case anything ever happens.  Need to plan for the worst!

That is all the new running gear I think I need right now.  I am distraut right now though too because I can’t find my heart rate monitor strap or my Spi Belt!  The horror!  I really need to hunt around the house for them though.  Maybe when I have free time!

Is there anything else you think might be a good idea for winter and/or night time running?

6 thoughts on “Night Time Running Needs

  1. You poor thing! Even if that jacket was cheap it’s still a waste if you can’t wear it! ARGH!

    NOT to make you laugh, but you could totally get the headlamp and vest at Lowe’s or Home Depot. I’ve seen them there – we all have head lamps (me, hubs & the girls) for night time hiking. Not sure they’re the best for running, but worth checking if the others are too expensive.

    Best of luck, my friend!

    1. Great idea! I did check Tractor Supply but they only had like sizes XL and up and I want something that fits sort of snugly so it doesn’t get in my way. Still debating on the headlamp, might get a light to just clip to the vest. Thanks for the idea!!!

  2. Pretty much all of my running is done in the dark since we start at 4:30am…I have a vest and a day-glow yellow thick long sleeve pullover that I wear over my tech shirt for added visibility. Our neighborhood does have a few street lights, so I don’t need a headlamp…my friend does run with a blinking light on the front of her vest, she says it is really annoying, partly due to the bounce, secondly, she can see it flashing…maybe if you wear it on your back you wouldn’t notice it, or if she wore it lower – like on the bottom of the vest or on her shorts waistband it might not bother her (it’s on the shoulder area of her vest now.)
    Cold weather is a little tricker – it takes some practice for each 5-10 degrees lower it gets for me…just an ear cover, or the hat? the thin gloves, or the down mittens? tights or fleece pants? tights under wind pants? long sleeve or short under the jacket? 2 shirts or shirt and microfleece? In the past, I’ve just written it down for each change in temps so I have an idea if it worked or not until I had it down to a system! This morning I was chilly to start, but comfy during the run – it was 37 when we started…wind pants, long sleeve tech shirt under my day-glow mock turtleneck zip shirt, thin gloves and hat (couldn’t find the ear band…must be in the wash!) It was perfect…
    Good luck!

    1. I think i am going to start keeping track of my clothes on my Garmin page! Great idea!!! I do remember that when I ran in the dark at 26 degrees no wind, I was ok with just ear warmers, 2 cold gear shirts and 1 pair of pants and socks. My fingers were a bit cold in my gloves though (already got new ones that are mittens that flap open so I can wear my gloves under then if need be!).
      As for the headlamp, I really just want it for safety/visibility for cars. I plan on driving to the neighborhoods nearby that have sidewalks and streetlights. No way I’m running on the back roads around my house! But I still want something. Maybe I can just get a little tiny clip on light since I don’t need it to really see? And not something that blinks because that would drive me nuts!!! Haha!
      PS. Claudia is in for the Expo crash too! I am going to look up the info and email you guys!

  3. I just got my road id too! And Im scared to run in the dark, so I dont usually do it unless w/ someone else

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