Remodel: It just keeps going…

I feel gross.  My stomach has been bothering me constantly (crappy foods).  I feel lethargic and tired (lack of sleep and exercise).  I feel like I’m not me!  The Get Back to Normal plan starts today.  My goals for today are to run, drink my water, and clean out the fridge.  I started on the refridgerator last night so that is already in motion.  My water has been terrible!  But I have my bottle here ready to go!  As for the run, I’m hoping to get it in… 

I thought we would already be done moving and have the cats moved.  We literally have only a handful of things to move and we are done!!!  We also have to put more nail caps on Spooky who is a big meanie.  We could only get 9 on her last night.  They are at least still stuck! 


The kittens lost a few back paw ones but I think thats because they didn’t have enough glue or weren’t dry yet.  They are easy to put on them, they just lay there cuddling and purring.  Anyway, as soon as that is done, we can move them, their food, and their kitty litter.  Then we have to spend time with them so they cope with the move well.  Of course, the new place isn’t very comfortable since stuff is just everywhere but the cats can deal!  So that is what it looks like I’ll be doing tonight.

So you can see why I’d be concerned about getting the run in.  Still lots to do!  Rob went to the storage unit yesterday though and picked up our couch and kitchen table along with some other things.  I forgot about half the stuff he brought!  Wow!  Can’t wait to decorate and unpack everything!!!  First, we have to deal with the nightmare that is my clothing.  I have a ton!  And shoes?  Let’s not even go there.  I have at least 2 dozen pairs (probably upwards of 3 or 4 dozen!).  Where am I going to put them all?!

Anyway!  Enough babbling today.  I am going to end with the chickens and babies since they are so cute.  We had another one hatch but it didn’t make it.  They are so fragile!

Have a great Thursday!!!

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