Water Snob

Water Snob


I have a confession.  I’m a water snob.  I’ve tried and tried but just can’t do it.

I can’t drink the water from the fountains at school.

I’ve tried!  But it just tastes terrible, almost sweet, but a strange sweet like chemicals, not like sugar.  Every day, I take my Blender Ball bottle filled with water down to school.  It is about 3 cups so it only lasts me so long.  And then I refill it while I’m there and usually by the time I get home again (minimum 2 hour drive), it is still 75% full.  Its not helping my water intake at all!  And I don’t want to buy bottles of water while I’m there because that will add up (financially and environmentally).


What’s a girl to do?  I’ve tried packing multiple bottles but they end up getting really warm to hot in the car, and then in the winter, I’m sure I’ll have some freezing issues.  So it is time I broke down and got a new water bottle.  I hate the idea of that because I love drinking out of my Blender Ball. I am really picky about the type of bottle I will drink out of.  Some of the bottles I’ve had turn musty quickly.  Others make your water taste like plastic.  And the cap is a whole other issue for me too.  If I subconsciously don’t like the cap, I gradually don’t drink as much water from it.  Weird.  So I have to shop around but it looks like I’ll be getting one of these:

What a concept!  I was so excited when I saw these come out but figured I wouldn’t need one. Well now I do.  It has a filter built into it so you can fill it on the go.  I recall the filters being kind of pricey.  I will have to figure out the overall cost of the filter per refill verses the cost of buying bottled water.  Also, what is the environmental impact of the filters?  Can they be recycled like plastic bottles?  Lots of things to consider!  I am going to research it more but it looks like I get a new health-related gadget!  And I do love my gadgets!!!

Are you a water snob? 
Do you think its better to use bottles that can be recycled or filters?

2 thoughts on “Water Snob

  1. I'm not a water snob. Not at all. For me it doesn't really taste like water unless it has a "taste" (I come from a mining area!) I have trained myself to drink my water cold, warm or anywhere in between. Don't much like if it tastes like plastic tho'

  2. Camelback makes a great water bottle! I have the unfiltered version. I had bought the "bobble" that had a carbon only filter in it and it didn't take away the chlorine taste. I stopped using it. What was the use if it didn't work? I'd be willing to try the Camelback one though! Let me know how you like it!

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