17 Weeks to Philly Half Marathon 2014

Last week didn’t go so well…


I don’t really have an explanation, just some various excuses.  I was busy but I could have made the time for exercise.  There’s no reason my calendar should look like that.  Moving on!

How will I change things this week?  First, I’m not working this week, but I am studying for my board exam which is in exactly 1 week from today.  I have a few things that I need to do to get me through this studying and exam successfully:

  • Adjust my sleep schedule back to mornings.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and sugar.
  • Exercise regularly for stress relief.

The sleep schedule is the most important currently because I have been working evenings, getting to bed after midnight.  The exam is at 8AM and I have to be fed and ready to go.  That means at least a 6AM rise time to account for breakfast, coffee, shower, travel, and arriving early.  Even more if I want to get a workout in beforehand.  Today was a huge struggle getting up and I ended up sleeping through my alarm (and turning it off in my groggy state).  Tomorrow will have to be better in order to be ready for next Monday.

My eating is going to have to be very good this week too so that I have the mental capacity to study and retain this information.  Sugar and alcohol specifically make it difficult for me to concentrate.  I need to avoid both this week completely in order to be most efficient.  Even the smallest amount will lead to poor sleep and a headache/grogginess the next day.

Finally, I really need to exercise!  Of course I have to run for my training but I’ll take anything this week.  It will help me relax from studying besides help me concentrate better later!

That is pretty much it.  I’m really dragging today from a jam packed weekend.  We met up with friends, had a rugby social event, and just other odds and ends to do.  I slept okay last night but my body is trying to adjust to an earlier schedule.  Rob and I are going for a run later so hopefully that will help get the cobwebs out!  Now, it’s time to tackle the to-do list and get to studying for this exam!

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