Crazy Week Ahead

What. A. Weekend.

There were some good things and some bad things this weekend. Let’s just say the stress levels were not low. Friday, I got some bad news that I’m still trying to resolve. Saturday, I photographed a mud run on the beach which was fun. Then I got a call from Rob though that his car broke down in Philadelphia, about an hour and a half from home. I had to go pick him up just in case. Well, we couldn’t get it fixed so we left it at a Pep Boys for the night and Rob and his brother-in-law went up and towed it home the next day. Phew!

As for Health & Fitness, I hit the gym Friday where I used a bike in the Spinning room to do 30 minutes of HIIT and then I played with the kettlebells until I was ready to leave. Sadly, that was the only day I made it to the gym. I was out of the house all day Saturday and I don’t know where Sunday went (I was also feeling really bad).

Food has not been good at all. I had some major issues this weekend where anything I ate bothered me like crazy. I had planned on a detox on Sunday but it didn’t pan out. Today, I am a slave to what I packed (or buying food) so let’s hope everything sits okay.

Anyway! I just wanted to check in because I didn’t blog much last week. This week, I have to be on campus at 6AM every day. That means taking the 4:54AM train! Rob had to drive me today because he needed to be able to drive something today until his buddy looks at the car tonight so it was a crazy morning. This obviously means no gym and lots of planning ahead (and getting up earlier than I did today!!!)

I also have an exam today and a quiz tomorrow (which I heard is basically an exam) so I have to get to studying. I also have homework due tomorrow but I will do that tonight when I get home. This is going to be one crazy week! I promise to not abandon you all and attempt to blog at least 2 more times!!

How are you doing? Tell me something fun or new going on with you!

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