Happy For Wednesday

I am feeling soooo much better today, even if I’m more tired.  I am not handling this early-morning thing at all.  It is making it hard to concentrate (and I already took 2 exams this week!) and super cranky all the time.  Last night on the train home, I was trying to study and getting frustrated that I couldn’t concentrate when I realized that the problem might be that I was going on my 14th hour of being awake.  Hm…

I started tracking my food on Monday and so far so good!  I am trying to just stay under 2000 calories.  As long as I’m walking or working out, that is a decent range.  I want to just get used to tracking and calorie counting again.  When I’m ready, I’ll think about lowering that number for better weight loss.

Sadly this week, I’ve been getting less steps.  My foot still hurts occasionally and I really want to rest it so I learned how to take the bus yesterday and it was SO EASY!  There is a free bus for all students and employees of the hospital that I learn in.  It goes right from the train station and stops in front of my building for classes and the hospital!  Woohoo!  So less exercise for me but more rest for my foot.  It’s all about balance.  Maybe in a few weeks I can run again!

Today, I have it pretty easy.  The last two days were rough with my exams but today, I can just study on my own, no pressure.  I have homework due next week that I need to work on also since this weekend will be very busy.  I have rugby, 3 home show parties, a birthday party, and my cousin who lives in Florida is in town (all this crammed into Friday and Saturday).  Sunday is completely free and it is going to stay that way!  (Because I’ll be doing homework, errands, cooking, and cleaning – fun, right?)

Well, I must be off.  Check out this lovely spot I found to blog/study from.  I really love this campus!


One thought on “Happy For Wednesday

  1. What a nice place to study! Looks so comfy and inviting…reminds me of the upper floor of my college library…didn’t find it until my senior year, but it was like that big room, only we had big stuffy leather chairs! I loved it there once I found it!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, too! Now keep it that way!!! 😉

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