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DIY: Shoe Traction Pads

Since I’m still not feeling well, I’ll leave you with this blog post I quickly composed over the weekend.  Its totally not health and fitness related but still fun!

DSC_6390I have a pair of boots that I love but the traction on them is nonexistent.  I’ve actually fallen in them in the store a few times.  I liked them too much to get rid of them and those little sticky traction pads you buy at the store just didn’t help.  Rob had a great idea to hit the hardware store and get some real traction tape to try.

All you need is some 3M traction tape, scissors, a pen, and something to clean the bottom of your shoes.


Step 1: Clean the bottoms of your shoes to make sure your tape will stick.  I used alcohol wipes.


Step 2:  Trace the shape of your shoe (don’t forget the heel!)


Step 3: Carefully cut just inside your line (to make sure it doesn’t overhang).  Hold it up to the shoe and trim anything extra.


Step 4: Affix your perfectly sized traction pad to your shoe!


Step 5:  Happily wear your shoes!

We’ll be back to regular programming tomorrow or Wednesday.  This is by far my busiest week this semester on top of having a deathly horrible cold that I caught Wednesday night (worst I’ve had for as long as I can remember).  I’ll be taking it easy this week in regards to workouts but I’ll do my best to get back onto my normal eating plan (mostly-Paleo).  Off to conquer the week!

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