Busier Than Ever!

What another crazy week!  Nothing exciting this week to share like last week.  The only big thing that I have a picture of is the kilt I made for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire:

2014-09-19 22.59.522014-09-19 23.00.32

My mom helped a ton and we figured it out from a friend’s real kilt.  Sadly, we didn’t end up going to the fair so there are no pictures of me in it.  Maybe next time, though it won’t be Celtic weekend then.

I also did several workouts in the last week and a half:

  • 2 Mile Run
  • 2.26 Mile Run
  • 5.25 Mile Run
  • 7 Mile Bike Ride
  • Body Beast Total Body

That is pretty good to me!  This week, I’m just doing what I can.  I have the Pedal Paddle Run on Saturday and am a bit nervous about it.  My runs have been really slow and I just want to finish in a reasonable amount of time.  I have no idea how long the kayak part will take me.  Hopefully the biking won’t take more than 40 minutes (I have a mountain bike with nubby tires).  Who knows how long the run will take, seeing as it is at the end of the event. 

Well, I actually have to get back to homework.  I started shadowing at the clinic this week so I am busier than ever!  I’ll be there 2 days per week for the rest of the semester while I have classes 2 days per week also.  That leaves me 1 solid day at home to do homework while Rob is at work.  My weekends never seem to have any free time for me to study or anything.  Oy!  Time to get going!

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