Gym Hiatus

Instagram_08-14-2013_StretchMy name is Angela, and it was a week since my last workout.  Don’t worry though!  I fixed that this morning with an easy jog/walk in the park today.  It wasn’t fast by any means and I probably could have gone longer but I had set my watch for only 5 intervals.  I took some time to stretch though afterwards which felt wonderful.  My legs were killing me all weekend from my leg workout last Tuesday which is why I took a hiatus for a week from the gym.  It felt good to get back out there!  And with how amazingly beautiful the weather is today, I couldn’t pass up a run!  I’m also going for a walk with Lauren this afternoon to enjoy this gorgeous weather again!

Nothing too exciting to report otherwise.  I haven’t been tracking my non-Paleo foods like I said I would but I plan on getting back at it starting today.  I don’t tend to overeat on “approved” foods so it is really the “other” foods that are a problem for me – both for my health and my waistline!

I’ve also started thinking about my plan for the upcoming school semester.  I will be commuting over an hour to get to campus and then spending up to 10 hours on campus.  This means I’ll need to pack at least 2 meals every day to take with me.  I want to batch cook on Sundays so that I can just grab-and-go on the weekdays with minimal prep.  I’m thinking that jar salads, casseroles, stews, lunch meat roll ups, and paleo muffins should work pretty well. 

I need to get some hot food lunch box containers though before I can do that because I am assuming I won’t have a refrigerator or microwave.  I also have to make sure nothing is too heavy because I have to carry it around with me all day along with my bookbag.  This all sounds like loads of fun right?

I started to work on a daily schedule to get me through the weeks.  This is my first draft but I put in train times and class locations so I am fully prepared.


You see my longest day is Wednesday and I can never, ever miss the 8:45 train because the next one after that isn’t for 2 more hours!  I would be getting home after midnight.  Yuck!  So hopefully we will always get out on time at the latest.  I might talk to the professor about it too, just letting her know that I absolutely have to leave by 8 (in case I have to leave while she’s still teaching).

Well, enough babbling for today.  I have some work I have to take care of and maybe run some errands before the hubs gets home.  Always lots to do!

2 thoughts on “Gym Hiatus

  1. Sounds like a good plan! And since you are on the train and not driving, you can use that time for pleasure reading, school reading, catching up on email, etc…I always thought train commuting was so much better than driving! Sounds like you’ll get in some good walking, too!

    I think that I saw a new paleo cookbook that focuses on grab and go foods. I’ll have to look back to where I think I saw it. That might be a good resource for me too, with soccer games/tourney packing!

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