Bumming at the Beach

Is there ever a boring day around here?  It think not.  Yesterday was beach day! 


I had planned to go with a friend but she is stuck in another state.  Luckily my sister had off and we headed out to our favorite spot on the beach!


We are terrible beach-goers because we get bored.  It was a beautiful day (about 70-75 degrees) but too cold to want to go in the chilly water.  We walked around a bit but then finally decided to head out after only a few hours (most people spend the whole day around here).  We stopped at our favorite seafood take-out place for lunch which also happens to be next to a Starbucks.  Best of both worlds!


Bobby Chez is in Margate (there used to be one near our house but it “closed” – it is a different owner now so a different store technically and its not the same).  We ordered the broiled crab cakes but the girl didn’t hear me right so she made the fried so we had to wait extra long for our lunch.  We also snagged some bacon-wrapped scallops that were AMAZING.  Next time, we get less crab cake and more scallops (we split 3 scallops and 3 crab cakes – next time 2 crab cakes and 6 scallops – comes in orders of 3).

Finally, it was time to head home and spend time with the hubs.  We had made plans to meet friends for drinks at their house but we had a few hours before then.  We decided to go to Moe’s for dinner since the Pork Shoulder in our fridge would obviously not cook in less than an hour.  What a terrible idea because it was Taco Thursday – all you can eat tacos!


As you can see, Rob did a number on taco Thursday.  I had 5 and he had 13!  What a bottomless pit.  THEN we got fro-yo.  Oh yes.


And guess what?  Apparently the place we went to has “Happy Hour” and it is half price fro-yo from 6-8 on Wednesday and Thursday.  Um, awesome! 

But seriously, I ate a lot of food yesterday and then we went and had drinks too.  This blog is supposed to be health and fitness right?  Well, sometimes you have to live a little.  I promise once summer is over, my food will go back to being boring and normal (okay, at least healthier). 

There was no fitness yesterday either as my ankle, hip, and shoulder were all hurting on my left side.  My hubs says I should go get adjusted at the chiropractor and I’m inclined to agree.  If I don’t see our guy this weekend at rugby, I’ll go next week.  I definitely think it was a combo of my killer leg workout last week and my run on Wednesday.  My body just felt hammered.  At least I got some steps at the beach!

Today, I am headed to Delaware to visit “cousins” – Rob’s dad’s cousins actually – staying the night, and then headed to the rugby tournament tomorrow.  Another busy, busy weekend for us!  My sister is going to a tattoo convention on Sunday so that is a possibility too.  I swear, we never stop moving!  Since I’ll be out and about, I’m just hoping to get a decent amount of steps in each day.  Now, I must be off to pack and get the house ready for our departure.  It is only a day but it is amazing what the cats can destroy in that amount of time!

IMG_20130812_200916They only look cute and innocent!

Do you prefer soft serve ice cream, custard, or frozen yogurt?

We actually only got fro-yo around here like a year or two ago.  I had it when I went to Texas before that and I really like the tart flavors.  My favorite though is our local custard which is not the same as soft serve.  It tastes amazing and if you are ever in the Atlantic City area, you should take the short 15 minute drive out to Mays Landing and go to the Custard Castle on Route 322 (Black Horse Pike) for a taste of the real thing!

4 thoughts on “Bumming at the Beach

  1. We head to the beach the last week of August and I’m hoping that the heat returns! Not that I am not loving these nice cool temps, but for a week at the beach, that could be trouble!!!

    I am a frozen custard girl…my grandparents owned a frozen custard stand in NY state from the time my mom was young. I worked there starting at 12 and finally stopped when I left for college. There is such a “memory” connection for me on top of the yumminess!

      1. I’ve never body surfed. My kids love it and they boogie board. Having been to the ocean maybe a total of 3 times before moving to NJ, I’m still a bit freaked out by waves. My kids think its hysterical when they finally get me out there and they have to tell me when to duck under or go over. One tumble and I’m done for the rest of the vacation!

  2. you are always on the move! but a tattoo convention? I dont think I have ever heard of one of those haha. I love custard (only because ted drews custard is AMAZING!)

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