Health as a Priority

The health and fitness thing just hasn’t been happening around my house lately.  There are a few problems/dilemmas I have that are standing in my way and I need to figure out some solutions for them.

Woman_Eating_Cookie_thumb.jpgProblem 1:  Cravings and Eating Out

I actually think the cravings and eating out are due to the fact that I’m not eating enough calories at home.  It can be really difficult to get enough food when on a Paleo Diet.  I think its time for me to really start meal planning and tracking again.  This will be difficult with my busy schedule but it will help to keep me from stopping for fast food later in the week.

WorkoutRegretProblem 2:  Skipping Workouts

This week, I worked out once.  I skip workouts because I’m busy with school work, because I run late on campus, because its cold out, because I’m tired.  Well, maybe its time I start working out first thing in the morning.  That way, its done and out of the way and no excuses can pop up later in the day.  A slow, groggy morning workout is better than no workout at all.

sleepywoman1Problem 3:  Too Much Stress

Honestly, I usually don’t know how to approach the stress problem.  The morning workouts should help give me more energy to tackle all the work, but at the end of the day, those stressful situations will still be there.  I just have to remind myself that I’m doing all I can and things will work out in the end.  And yoga might be a good idea too…  Or boxing.  Whichever.

Those are pretty much my top issues right now.  I have always have tons of things going on and I never stop moving but I have to remember to keep my health as top priority.  Sometimes I let it slip for other things but that needs to change in order for me to lose this weight and be as healthy as possible.

How do you make health a priority in your life?

4 thoughts on “Health as a Priority

  1. I find that exercising in the morning does help me cope better with the stresses that come later in the day. It also can help to get out for a quick walk. Even if it’s cold, bundling up and getting fresh air really clears my head.

  2. HEALTH = my # 1! I make time to exercise everyday (it’s the FIRST THING I do in the day), I always eat healthfully because it makes me feel fabulous & as for stress, well I definitely had a TON build up in these past couple weeks, so I had a crazy break down in the early part of this week, causing me to get a little sick by the end of the week, so now I am just taking it easy. The reason why the stress didn’t kill me is because I kept on reminding myself that I have an incredible support system!

  3. I know my entire day is better on the days I get out and run first thing. I eat better during the day, I cope better and I sleep better! It really does create a chain reaction for me. And on those days I don’t get up and do it, I have much less effective days! And I certainly don’t have any trouble getting enough food, or calories….especially if I have some Bulletproof Coffee…google it…and if you get hooked, please don’t hold it against me!!!

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