Keeping Things Simple

Keeping Things Simple

This morning, I started my day off with a run!  I slept terrible and the weather said possible rain with 100% humidity (I’m not exaggerating, it really did say 100), but I had an itch to go so I threw on my Blue and Yellow (in honor of the Boston Marathon) and got a slow 2 miles in.  It was painfully slow and hard and it felt great (only a runner can understand this statement).


I was so excited for this run though because I used my new Garmin!  My Garmin 405CX went dead again and I decided to just get a new model (financially made sense when factoring in the $110 repair fee, length of warranties, and the $50 rebate Garmin is offering).  I settled on the Garmin 210 in green and white because it was simpler (less features, easier to use) and I can wear it as an every day watch!


It took me a few tries to figure out how to use it but overall I am really happy with it.  The only downside is that I don’t think you can set how long you want to run ahead of time which means I have to keep looking at my watch.  It does beep every mile (or kilometer) at least and I usually run for mileage so I can just keep track of beeps.  The other features that were available on the 405CX (but not the 210), I can live without.

In other news, I had a horrible stomach ache yesterday similar to when I had gastritis in college (when your whole stomach swells up like one giant ulcer).  I don’t really know what triggered it (stress?), but I took an acid controller and decided to eat very plain and simple today.  Rob and I skipped grocery shopping this weekend (luckily) so I hit the grocery store this morning and loaded up on prepared foods for the day.


I had eggs and a banana for breakfast.  Carrots and tuna for a snack.  A salad with chicken for lunch.  I’ll just repeat those same foods until its all gone.  Raw fruits and veggies help to reduce stomach acid and sooth ulcers so I’m hoping this diet works!  It might get boring but I’d rather not be in pain.

Today’s plan is to get lots of work done and drive home to NJ.  The next week is going to be tough because I’m busy all day Saturday, have to run on Sunday, and have TONS of work to do for school (presentation plus paper due 1 week from today and a take home exam).  Never a moments rest!

4 thoughts on “Keeping Things Simple

  1. I had one of those runs today, too! Hard, but felt great! After doing the 103 minutes yesterday, I was pretty beat this morning, but still did my 4 miler (and at a faster pace since I was with a different running partner). I was pooped, my legs felt like lead, but it was a great run!
    Sorry to hear your belly is acting up again, hopefully you can get it under control…my husband suffered from low stomach acid and fermented foods helped…not sure if they help with high stomach acid! Interestingly, he was suffering from heart burn and it was because of low acid! I never would have thought!!!
    Enjoy the day…

    1. Well, I hunted around the internet and I might have low stomach acid (I wasn’t sure which because I’ve had both in the past and they are SO similar!). Looks like I need to make a trip to the grocery store! I at least have some lemons to drink lemon water until then.

  2. I really like the look of that watch! Just for daily wear would be nice enough for me 🙂 great job getting the run in 🙂 And have a safe trip to NJ!

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